Here’s Everything About Magento eCommerce Mobile App

Magento is one of the most trusted open-source e-commerce platforms in the world. More than 200,000 retailers run their websites with this framework. Its flexible features, ability to upgrade and easy to use admin panel help in attracting non-tech savvy users as well. The platform is loaded with exclusive features that help in controlling the look, catalog-management, handling search engine optimization settings, and running advanced marketing campaigns.  

The recent version of the platform, Magento 2 is available in three types, Open Source (free), Commerce, and Commerce Cloud. Developers or site administrators can choose the version depending on the features that they wish to deploy on the portal. The platform is open-source, free for use, unlike its competitors. Several functionalities can be added to the store with the help of additional extensions. Thus, the store can be developed faster, with minimum investment. 

Using Meta keywords and product descriptions along with SEO friendly URLs is easy as the structure is designed with the basics of search engine optimization in mind. 

The framework is compatible with third-party web applications and extensions. Various functionalities can be added within minutes as per the store’s requirement. Along with scalability, Magento also offers ease of integration.  

Extensions can be used for integrating the platform with the organization’s existing accounting, ERP, CRM, payment processing, and product shipping solutions.

Magento Mobile Apps

The availability of super-fast 4G networks in various countries has triggered a change in consumer behavior. People prefer using their smartphones for streaming videos, music, web browsing, etc. Consumers end up spending more time on their smartphone compared to the same spent on laptop or desktop. The shift has also increased mobile commerce. Thus, for maintaining conversion and sales percentage, offering a mobile app version of the online store has become inevitable. Several start-ups use the ‘app-only’ strategy these days. They have entirely ditched the desktop version to save administrative costs.

Providing the best shopping experience on Android or iOS isn’t easy. Getting the best out of the screen real estate is crucial as buyers prefer taking a good look at the product before placing an order for the same. 

How Does The Store App Work, And What Are The Features That Can Be Offered?  

There are several app builders or extensions available in the market that can convert your Magento store into a native Android, iOS app. Magento also offers some in-house solutions under its PWA (Progressive Web Applications) Studio. However, these in-house solutions do not seem much popular with developers as they cannot transform all the web features in mobile apps. Third-party extensions appear to be a few steps ahead. 

A trustworthy Magento mobile app development company can help you select the best option. You need to consider the features that your store needs, and of course, your budget dedicated to the same. 

Here’re some of the commonly offered basic features by most of the third-party Magento store extensions.  

  • An Exhaustive Array Of Tools Offered By Most Of The Extensions 

Analytical tools offered in the admin panel by most of the extensions can help in keeping track of conversions, traffic sources, and highlighting the items that keep the shoppers engaged.  

The mobile application can be designed to help store administrators in managing and tracking backend functions of their stores. Google Analytics and other traffic tracking tools can be integrated with the app.  

  • Super-functional Panel For Administrators 

The app version of the eCommerce store can also be made to look promising and engaging like the web-store due to the font styles and theme colors available. Controlling the store’s functionalities, the look, and feel remains easy even for people with lesser coding knowledge. 

The applications support devices with various screen sizes, so, there is no need to worry about the theme’s compatibility with display size anymore. 

Admins can opt for intuitive layered navigation to ensure buyers find their favorite products easily within seconds.  

Like the web version, the Magento app store also supports multiple types of products. Customer can make single, bundled, or bulk purchases using the app. 

The app extension (or connector) gets the data from its counterpart that needs to be installed and integrated with the web version’s admin panel. Live synchronization ensures the app remains in sync with the web store. Such real-time synchronization eliminates the need for any manual efforts. 

  • User-interface With Multiple Language Support 

If the seller plans to sell products in several countries, the app store must offer multi-lingual support. Thankfully, Magento apps can be programmed to display product information in several languages. The themes also provide RTL writing help. 

Android and iOS app with multiple language support can help in grabbing leads mobile appin various territories. Such an application can help in getting more exposure for the business amongst the non-English speakers. 

  • Order Tracking Features For Customers

Sellers can offer order-tracking and related notifications on mobile apps on a pro-active basis. The customers who make purchases using the app won’t have to visit the web-version of the store or call customer service to check the order status. The feature ensures an excellent shopping experience that would encourage the buyer to return and make more purchases. 

  • Simplified Login And Check-out Procedure For Buyers

Most of the users appreciate the social login feature in the application. It saves time spent on logging-in with other options like username, email address, or phone number and code, etc. Magento apps can be designed to work with Google, Facebook login. 

The cart abandonment rate on app-stores can be considerably reduced with a simplified check-out process. Thankfully, Magento app can be tuned to offer a single page check-out screen. Buyers can also be given the option to select from multiple shipping alternatives. 

Sellers can offer deals on selected products with vouchers and coupon codes that the customer can use for getting a discount on the purchase before making the payment. 

The app store can offer multiple payment gateways like PayPal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, PayU, and of course, cash on delivery.

  • Voice Search Functionality

Virtual voice assistants are managing to reach thousands of new homes every day. Data indicates the smart speaker shipments showed an increase of 187% during 2018. The percentage is expected to be even higher in 2019-20. Besides iOS and Android devices, even feature phones working on KaiOS have a voice search option. 

Thus, web stores, as well as apps, need to be voice search friendly to make them future-proof. Advanced voice search functionalities can be added to the Magento web and mobile store with the help of app extensions.

  • Personalized Notifications 

The store can get much-needed attention with the help of push notifications. The feature helps in product marketing as some users do keep app notifications turned on to receive special offers, discount codes. 

Selecting a trustworthy vendor with experienced developers is crucial when it comes to Magento Mobile App Development. If you need a team of brilliant engineers that offers eCommerce development solutions, you should discuss your project details with Smart Sight Innovations.

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