How To Build an App Without Coding

Mobile AppSummary: A study shows that 90% of companies and industries have made voluntary investments in enterprise app development to increase business sales. An app is a right way to start directing your website visitors to mobile devices. It helps in increasing your mobile traffic and enables users to spend more time on your pages due to a better mobile interface. One doesn’t need to be a coding wizard. Association with a leading mobile application development company will ensure that the result is exactly what you expect in the steps that will help you build an app without any coding.



Before we get into the steps of building an app without coding, there are three facts you need to know: 


  • A blank spreadsheet: Like its name, a blank spreadsheet is empty. It’s got the power to organize but you need to fill in the folds to meet the demand. 


  • Data and configuration – Fill this blank spreadsheet with data and configure it. It’s all ready, but if there’s no one to direct it, it won’t take off. 



Once you are clear with an idea of your app-building goals, go ahead with the next steps. 


Your App Template


Selecting a template is the first step in the mobile application development process. Check out the readymade templates available for a variety of businesses, industries and cases. 


Each template has features that benefit the people running the business or service. For example, a healthcare app template. It will provide access to quality healthcare, doctor-patient interaction, access to insurance, medical knowledge, medical decisions, doctors-on-demand and affordability. Healthcare mobile apps are also ideal for weight loss, exercise, women’s health and pregnancy. 


Yet another example is the finance industry. With recent developments in mobile technology such as apps, they can access vast amounts of critical data anytime. According to research carried out by Google, 41% of smartphone users use their mobile phones for finance-related activities, and most of them do it weekly. 


A mobile app makes several aspects such as checking the status of your account, transferring money, paying bills, getting insurance quotes and taking loans very easy.


Templates are customizable, which means that if it doesn’t have all the features you need for your app, you can easily add more. 


You can build a mobile app from zero and add only the pages and features you need – that’s when your business doesn’t find an existing template. Select the relevant option while setting up your business-related app. 


Right Branding/Identity 


Second, choose the appropriate color scheme for your template. Get professional help that makes it easy by allowing you to make the right choice. Design experts can change the colors in use and suggest a suitable scheme for your app that matches your existing brand identity. 


The colors you choose are one way you can brand your mobile app. For example, there are UI tricks to create useful health care apps such as 


  • Blue color as it is popular in most clinics worldwide
  • Green is the color of nature and health everywhere
  • White is the distinctive color for a clean and clear design
  • The pink color is often associated with young children and women


You can also customize your app with logo and images on the screen or header bar images. This can make your app instantly recognizable. Upload images through the relevant section and use an online editor. 


The branding process is complete with the uploading of your app icon. This is the logo people see when they open your app or search for it on the App Store or Google Play. 


Have a logo that is distinctive and recognizable for quick access and one that makes your business stand apart from the competition.


Relevant Content 


All mobile app templates come with content that you can edit to suit your business interests. For example, your “Contact Us” section is an opportunity to connect with your audience and provide an excellent customer service experience. 


Show some personalization as this page highlights your brand culture. Tell them what this form should be used for? When can one expect to hear back? All questions must be addressed. You can highlight your response times, or tell them who they’ll hear from you. 


Customization ensures that beginners can create unique apps for their business without any code. Along with Content, you can set navigation options. A sidebar menu can allow customers to easily access features in your app. 


In setting up back-end features, you can adjust the setting to receive alerts when someone sends you a message or an order.


Additional Checks 


As you are all set to launch your app, ensure to do some checks to make it a really good app, such as


  • Simplicity: 

The app leads to the next step in the process with clear screens to access information quickly and easily and no ambiguity for a better customer experience.


  • Integration with the three main mobile operating systems – iOS, Android and Windows. Uploading Android apps to the Play Store is easy, but iOS apps need to be tried and tested by Apple before they’re allowed on the App Store. The coding shouldn’t differ, but you might be working with different screen sizes and resolutions, so test on both systems before uploading.


  • Security: 

Security is an ever-increasing issue on the internet and the same applies to your apps. Now apps are storing information on credit and debit cards, which is why security becomes essential. Tricky hackers try to place malware in apps and on devices where it can access data and steal screen lock passcodes and intercept sensitive information.


  • Speed:

A faster app will result in a better user experience, while slower apps will lead to a poor user experience. Users tend to spend more time on apps that are faster.




Your ideas, design and content have been added to your app. After this, users can easily download the iOS or Android app on their smartphones. 


Let an expert provide your users with an easy-to-use wizard that simplifies the publishing process. Adhere to the steps to set your app rolling live on the App Store, Google Play Store, or both. 


There are several sections you need to complete before going live on one of these platforms,


  • Confirm that you do not violate any content warnings from any App Store.
  • Sign up for a Google and Apple Developers account.
  • Fill in the details on your app store listing, including the app title, name, icon, categories, keywords, and description. You are ready to publish your mobile app without code now. 


All things considered 


If you’re thinking of learning to code in order to build an app, you must understand that knowing to code is no longer a prerequisite. You just need to find the right way to achieve your business goals. It’s just a matter of learning how to use a specific platform, adding your features and customizing the look and feel of the app with your own brand identity. 


One of the best parts is that if there’s a feature you need that isn’t currently available, you’re not limited to just the app marketplace. Find the right professional help to build an app without code and explore ways to an affordable, easy-to-use, and fastest path to development.

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