How to Improve Your Customer Experience on Mobile

There are millions of smartphone users using the internet and mobile applications are stating an obvious fact. Apps are indispensable for companies that wish to engage and retain customers but it all depends on how the app is created. This depends on the app developer and also the company.

Customer Experience is Vital

With so many options to choose from customers are impatient and will not tolerate a poorly designed app interface. Companies need to emphasize the user interface design aspects when they engage an expert mobile app development company proficient in UI design apart from underlying technical considerations when developing an app for the Android platform. The same applies to iOS mobile app development. A clean, simple, logical and intuitive interface is to be preferred over a complex one and developers need to factor in various device configurations, screen sizes and resolutions for the interface. Knowing something about users such as how tech savvy they are and their age group can also help developers create user-friendly intuitive interfaces.

Lean and Compact

Apps for Android and iOS platforms need to be purpose specific and it would be a mistake for companies to want an all-in-one app. This can prove counterproductive because it makes the app layout messy with incorporation of too many buttons and the app too slows down.


Interactions in the app need to be contextually based on targeted customer profiles and their needs. Mobile app developers can weave in actions that lead customers on in a smooth way to promote interaction. The right placement of elements on the screen with interesting graphics makes it easy even for a first time user to use the app and keep on using it. If the context is important, so is accessibility and ease of navigation. Placement of buttons in a logical way with clear spaces in between will help prevent users from accidentally tapping the wrong button which can be frustrating. Also including a search box with autofill and autocorrect features is a nice thing to have. Another nice thing to include is to push notifications that inform or remind users about things like payment of bills, renewals or to take advantage of special time-limited offers.


Technologies evolve. Competition comes up with better-designed apps. User expectation and needs also change over time. An app is not perfect the first time around. It is created based on a set of assumptions. Testing and actual use will show up areas where improvements are needed. All this necessitate ongoing support as part of Android/iOS app development process and it does not end with the launch of an app and modifications. Enterprises may change and their user needs the change while technology also comes up with something new so keeping the developer by your side is essential for ongoing upgrades.

Lastly, it is not such a bad idea to integrate social media and mobile payment options as well as options to communicate. With a little forethought, it is not all that difficult to keep customers engaged and loyal.

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