Is IoT Technology Really Transforming The Construction Industry?

Just like other industries, even the construction sector is leveraging the IoT (Internet of Things) technology’s transformative power for minimizing costs and improving the efficiency of various machines. Making the construction process efficient helps firms in increasing profitability. Here’s how IoT devices are helping companies in developing the construction process and minimizing waste. 


The Role Played By The Internet Of Things In Site Monitoring 

Conducting site monitoring activities can help in ensuring the construction takes place in the most cost-friendly and effective way. Engineers who are a part of the administrative team need to keep track of the performance of its human resources as well as construction machinery daily. Problems arise when the company develops multiple sites with a limited number of engineers. 

IoT sensors make the whole process precise and automatic. The team members can access information about the current status of the construction company’s vehicles as well as construction equipment using mobile devices. Even the health of the dump truck’s engine can be monitored for getting fuel efficiency stats. RFIDs and facial recognition systems help in tracking workers deployed at various parts of the construction site. The project managers can get real-time insights and make decisions, even without visiting multiple construction sites.  

UAVs (drones) can be deployed in various areas for getting a continuous feed of images, videos. Aerial pictures and accurate survey maps can help in spotting potential problems. 

IoT also helps in detecting intruders or unregistered persons on the premises. Tight security can be maintained even with a minimum number of security guards. 

Monitoring The Health Of Equipment And Managing Repair Work Accordingly 

Human operators controlling construction equipment handle some of the most challenging jobs in the industry. Breakdowns and failure of such complicated machinery cause delays and unexpected expenditures for firms. Thankfully, IoT technology-enabled machine control systems help in simplifying things and making them autonomous. 

Machines equipped with IoT sensors require minimal human involvement and perform with higher precision. 

IoT sensors can detect temperature fluctuation or unusual vibrations that indicate the initial stages of a mechanical problem. Unexpected breakdowns can be prevented with the help of equipment data that’s made available to operators. Repair work can be carried out on time without compromising the quality of work and schedule. 

Ensuring Safety At Construction Sites 

Maintaining a safe work environment on multiple construction sites is of utmost importance for construction companies. It happens to be a common concern for managers as well as workers. The Internet of Things technology-powered techniques and tools play a significant role in site safety. 

Artificial Intelligence and IoT powered wearable tech deserves a special mention because of the full range of benefits when it comes to labor tracking and safety. Besides offering auto-generated headcount for each site, these activity trackers also show the worker’s location, mark hazards, and keep on sending alerts concerning temperature, air quality, presence of particulate material, etc. Sensors can also be attached to the hardhats and clothing of workers.

 Several firms around the world have installed anti-collision systems in their construction equipment, vehicles. The system automatically sends alerts to machine operators if two or more machines come too close to each other. The software can enable engineers working remotely to control the devices for avoiding a collision. 

Augmented Reality (AR) Apps For Remote Collaboration 

Engineers in several countries use 3D models for displaying the under-construction building’s data. They use AR wearable devices to take a virtual look at multiple under construction sites.

Technicians can access real-time machine data on their computers or mobile devices. They can offer live step-by-step instructions (via video calling) to the on-site team for performing maintenance and repair work. It helps in bringing team members closer than ever before. 

 Software companies that offer IoT application development services can develop AR, IoT-powered remote monitoring apps. 

Idle Time Goes Down Due To Automated Supply Replenishment 

RFID is used for tagging units of supply. The system automatically tracks the count and places an order for more raw materials in the central system as soon as the count drops below a certain level. It helps in ensuring the site does not need to wait for supplies. Operational costs are contained as the firm buys adequate supplies rather than overbuying. 

The construction sector is one of the industries that are witnessing significant benefits due to the introduction of this technology. Safety, security, maintenance, and improved productivity are the reasons behind the adoption of IoT technology on a large scale in the construction sector. Common workplace concerns can be quickly addressed with the help of technology. Internet of Things enabled tools can help in improving productivity. Human resource is left with less menial work. 

If your company wishes to get the best out of the Internet of Things technology with IoT sensors for remote monitoring as well as asset management, you should get in touch with engineers at Smart Sight Innovations. The IoT development company has helped several firms with IoT development services that can make the work environment secure, and ensure the equipment remains efficient at all times.

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