JavaScript vs Python – Which Is Better for Web Development

JavaScript vs Python - Which Is Better for Web DevelopmentThe world of software development is unpredictable and vibrant. It is crucial to select a software with strong demand, widespread use cases and high popularity to begin working. Here we discuss two renowned programming languages – JavaScript and Python. 



What is JavaScript?

JavaScript is a dynamic computer programming language. Its applications enable client-side scripts to interact with users and create dynamic pages and it is most frequently used as a component of web pages. It is an interpretable object-oriented programming language. JavaScript is run when a user submits a form and only if all the entries are correct are they sent to the web server. 


The advantages of using JavaScript are:

  • You can check the user input before transmitting the page to the server. Because of the reduced server traffic, there will be less load on the server. 
  • You can design user interfaces that respond when the user clicks.  
  • You can use JavaScript to integrate sliders and drag-and-drop components to provide users with a rich interface.


JavaScript does not require expensive development tools. You can begin by using a basic text editor like Notepad. 


What is Python?

Python is a computer programming language that can be used for a variety of tasks including data research, software and web development, automation and everyday task completion. It is a general-purpose language which means it can be used to make many various types of applications and isn’t designed for any particular issues. Its adaptability and beginner-friendliness have elevated it to the top of the list of programming languages in use today. Both developers and non-developers use it for everything from website development to software testing to machine learning. 


Since Python is very simple to learn, it is used by many non-programmers including accountants and scientists for a variety of routine activities including managing finances. Majority of the top companies are on the lookout for exceptional Python programmers to build websites, software components and applications, along with Data Science, AI and ML technologies.


The advantages of using Python are as below:

  • It is an easily readable and simple-to-understand language for developers.
  • It has an open-source license making it a language free to use and distribute. The developers can share, copy and change it. 
  • The Python community allows sharing knowledge with junior specialists.
  • Linux, Windows Vista, Windows XP, FreeBSD 10 and macOS Snow Leopard are well-supported platforms on Python 3.7 and 2.7.


Comparing JavaScript and Python

It is crucial to keep in mind that Python and JavaScript are two of the best programming languages and do not necessarily replace each other. On the contrary, combining them may allow you to maximize their advantages. When choosing between JavaScript and Python below key factors need to be taken into account. 

1. Performance


JavaScript is better suited for real-time and dynamic interactions. Large platforms like 

Facebook and Google began using JavaScript to program the back-end. JavaScript became popular because it transformed web browsers into application platforms. Slack, GitHub, Skype and Tidal are examples of well-known standalone desktop applications created with the JavaScript framework named Electron.js.



For processing large data sets, CPU-intensive tasks and large-scale applications, Python is the ideal option. Efficiency will be enhanced if your developers know how to optimize Python code using Cython or NumPy (programming languages).


2. Scalability 


JavaScript apps are highly flexible because of their multithreading functionality. Multithreading functionality is the ability of a program to allow more than one user at a time without the need for multiple copies of the program. If you want your application to expand to meet evolving business needs, consider Node.js development which is built on JavaScript. You can scale the application and increase the number of threads as and when needed.



As Python apps run one thread at a time they are less scalable. Python includes the GIL (Global Interpreter Lock), which does not provide effective parallel support and makes it more challenging to use multiple processors with threads. However, by utilizing its multiprocessing library, you can take control of distributed workflow.


3. Learning Curve


JavaScript is difficult to learn and has a steeper learning curve. It is hard to debug JavaScript as it contains a lot of complex definitions.



Python is the most approachable language for beginners and is hence much easier to learn. It has fewer structural sections, simple functions and variables, clear and understandable code and a quicker development process. 


4. Libraries


JavaScript has only a few built-in modules such as JSON and Math. However, you can employ specialized developers and use the host environment to expand its capability.



Numerous ready-to-use modules and libraries are included with Python. It provides a wide range of components that helps developers create applications for machine learning, data analytics and science.


5. Numeric Types


Data that is recorded in database columns as numeric values without any further descriptive information are known as numeric data types. The ability to be computed mathematically and statistically distinguishes numerical types from other sorts of data. Even though JavaScript only has a small number of variables, contemporary V8 (a free and open-source JavaScript engine) engines and browsers additionally enable a new primitive type.



Integers, floating point numbers and complex numbers are the three different forms of numbers. In addition, a subclass of integers is booleans. Integers can be as precise as you like. Python offers complete mixed-number support. 


6. Web and Mobile Development


Web applications developed with JavaScript manage a huge amount of data, have smarter coding and operate efficiently. Owing to the asynchronous programming capabilities of the Node.js framework, JavaScript shines in this area as it provides high-end flexibility to the apps. Although its initial purpose was website building and management, developers frequently use JavaScript for mobile app development also.



Web apps built with Python take longer to respond. Python is an ideal choice for the server-side as it speeds up development and offers a stable environment with frameworks like Django, Pyramid and Flask. Python can help create GUI apps. 


Here were some points of comparison between JavaScript and Python. When it comes to the optimal programming language for a project, there isn’t exactly a clear-cut solution. In the end, you’ll have to choose the platform and requirements for the application you’re constructing based on their advantages and disadvantages.

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