Magento Mobile App’s Best Features

Magento has quickly become the platform of choice for many e-commerce businesses around the world. With its open-source operability that comes with deep customization options, it is ideal for businesses of all sizes. Some of the world’s largest brands such as Ford, Nike, Nestle and Christian Louboutin trust Magento for their e-commerce needs.


Statistics reveal that almost 200,000 e-commerce stores around the world are built using Magento. While businesses initially used Magento to build e-commerce websites to sell their products, the increasing reach and ready availability of smartphones have made it a no-brainer for businesses to take advantage of the fast booming m-commerce sector. 


With m-commerce expected to account for a major portion of all online sales, more and more businesses are looking to make their presence felt on this medium. One of the main reasons that some of the best app development companies turn to Magento for m-commerce is the fact that the flexibility of a website is nowhere close to the ease and reach that a mobile app offers.


We look at some of the most important features that a Magento mobile app offers businesses.


1. Catalog Management

Businesses can create customized price points for different groups of customers such as retail and wholesale buyers and also offer special rates for frequent buyers by tracking their purchase history. Magento’s catalog management system is very powerful and allows deep control into multiple aspects such as unified management of product lists from multiple categories as well as managing products based on specific attributes such as price, size, etc. – and all this can be done right from the mobile application. The admin functions also allow store managers to create updates for specific product groups to save time.


2. Reports and Analytics

The robust report generation and analytical capabilities of the Magento platform empower store owners to track all aspects of their business. This includes creating detailed reports for sales,  available inventory, total invoices and cart abandonment rates. You can also track other critical aspects such as which pages or products have higher or lower visibility and promote them accordingly.


3. Find Products Easily

Magento’s intuitive and layered product navigation system makes it extremely easy for buyers to find what they are looking for. One of the most important reasons for shoppers to drop or exit the app is the cluttered presentation and multiple clicks required to reach their desired point. Magento addresses these challenges by building an easy filter option as well as a powerful search feature to help users quickly find what they are looking for.


4. Robust Security

Magento has strong inbuilt security features and also supports extensions and security patches that provide a secure shopping environment for users. Businesses that use the Magento platform can opt for a two-step authentication process and must also ensure compliance with PCI standards to ensure both personal and financial end-user information is secure.


5. Single Page Checkout

When it comes to completing purchases, Magento offers businesses multiple options. These include single page checkouts – which many businesses offer – or creating additional pages for specific instances. The Magento app also allows users to make one-click payments and ship to multiple addresses and most importantly make purchases without having to log in to the app.


If you are looking to take advantage of the many Magento features for your business, connect with us today for a free quote.

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