React Native App Trends That Will Help Enterprises Succeed In 2020

React Native – Overview 

In the modern age, mobile applications are a lifeline of every business enterprise or organization. In the last few years, customers have migrated from desktops and laptops to all-inclusive smartphones. Therefore, all your products or services need to be customized, attuned, and integrated into such hand-held devices that also include tablets. Researchers are finding astonishing results as to how a paradigm shift has occurred in the last few years when it comes to online purchases or shopping. 

A study has revealed that customers prefer mobile apps more than websites for buying things. Therefore, mobile app development is a major area of focus that needs contributions from skilled developers to choose the right framework that best suits the needs of any enterprise. 

Mobile apps can be web-based or native apps. Hybrid apps are a combination that contain features of both web apps and native apps. While some entrepreneurs prefer platform-specific native apps, others opt for hybrid application development technology for their software programs. Native apps deliver higher performance, and customers prefer them as well. They are costly, which is why entrepreneurs are inclined towards hybrid apps. But when native apps are integrated with cross-platform application development technology, the results are brilliant. 

Cross-platform mobile app development offers a native rendering engine that boasts of coherent functionality, cost-saving techniques, etc. while at the same time retaining the brilliant performances of native apps. And developers all around the world lean towards a framework that they think is the best among all – React Native application framework. 

React Native App 

React Native is a popular cross-platform open-source mobile app development framework that is used to develop powerful apps for leading mobile operating systems like Android and iOS and also on Microsoft’s Universal Windows Platform (UWP). Created by Facebook, React Native enables developers to create cross-platform apps by interlinking with native codes and interfaces with the help of its forerunner React’s JavaScript and declarative programming paradigm. React Native is the developer’s choice of framework. It saves both time and money and houses excellent functionalities that ensure superior performance and efficiency. An illustrative list of React Native applications that have become household names has been given below. 

  • Facebook 
  • Pinterest 
  • Skype 
  • Bloomberg 
  • Instagram 
  • Walmart 
  • Uber Eats 
  • Vogue 
  • SoundCloud 
  • Pulse 
  • Tesla 
  • Airbnb 

What are the Concerns that React Native Resolves? 

React Native is identical to React regarding the syntax and structure but the components differ (compiling to native app components). React Native has retained all the benefits of React.js and has further resolved several issues that plagued developers to date. The core issues addressed by this novel development framework are listed below. 

  • Minimal memory usage 
  • Dynamic changes to the interface
  • Modular and Intuitive architecture
  • Faster iteration cycle
  • Easy to understand codes 
  • Live update feature 
  • More efficient code sharing 

What’s New In React Native App In The Year 2020? 

React Native was already a favourite among developers. Now, it has rolled out several updates that have enhanced its already esteemed reputation to a large extent. Developers and businesses have realized that the best way to create cross-platform apps in today’s day and age is with React Native application development platform. 


  • Better Accessibility 


The latest release has doled out several changes that were not seen before. The modifications bring about improvements in accessibility for both iOS and Android mobile operating systems. These include: 

 – Addition of many missing accessibility roles like onClick callback for numerous components

 – Updated Accessibility State API for superior web support with a futuristic vision in mind 

 – iOS accessibility flags and Reduce Motion are now supported in Apple’s operating system

 – Similarly for Android, AccessibilityInfo.announceForAccessibility will also be supported


  • Auto-Linking for Operating Systems 


The React Native command line interface has made vast improvements regarding the auto-linking feature that has ushered in changes as to how users link a library. As mentioned before, the React Native libraries consist of both platform-specific codes and native codes. This feature enables your project to find and use the code.


  • A New Start Screen 


Much hype was generated about the new app screen that was touted to be very user-friendly. The user interface allows for better streamlining of information and present users with necessary instructions in a simplified manner. These include instructions regarding the starting of the debug menu, editing App.js library, and links to documentation. 


  • Fast Refresh 


Fast Refresh is one of the major highlights of the latest React Native updates. This smooth feature allows you to get immediate feedback for the changes you make in the React. Components. Before the latest update, there used to be two separate features – “Live Reload” and “Hot Reload” for debugging your application. But developers complained about the “Hot Reload” feature that malfunctioned and did not update the screen at times. Now the latest update fused both the “Live Reload” and “Hot Reload” features to give us this amazing new single feature called Fast Refresh. It is turned on by default and can be accessed from the React Native developer menu. 

Benefits of Developing an App through the React Native Framework 

Cross-Platform Support 

With React Native, developers do not have to dabble with different programming languages like C++, Swift, Java, etc. They can use the same code for apps related to two different operating systems – Android and iOS. Hybrid applications are possible with the integration of JavaScript with native APIs. The community of Facebook developers provides ample support and promotion making it the leading cross-platform mobile app development framework.

JavaScript Library 

React Native creates a better and dynamic user interface that is essential for business enterprises in today’s times. This gigantic JavaScript library enables React Native apps to load faster than hybrid applications. It also entails a helpful developer toolset that makes significant changes in approaching the entire process. 

Greater performance at lesser time and cost 

React Native apps are known for consuming less time and costing less money while at the same time delivering outstanding performance that is boosted with one-time coding for different platforms. Business enterprises suffered from mobile app development frameworks using native apps because of their high costs. 

Efficient Native Apps Development 

Native apps on React Native are integrated with cross-platform app development technology. The result is a strong, robust mobile application that meets the current market demands for mobile apps and paves the way for enriching the user experience. 

High-end Performance 

React Native not only builds fast applications but makes sure that those apps created on its framework are the best in the business. Complex applications thrive on React Native. It can reduce apps size significantly, block memory leaks, take the load off the bridge, provide better launch time, etc. It also blocks unnecessary re-rendering thereby enabling an efficient and smooth-running of the app. 

Less Consumption of Memory 

React Native permits 3rd party plugins and avoids cross-bridge linking that makes the apps consume less memory. 

Wrapping Up 

With the biggest of companies opting for React Native, it is evident that this framework is the best of the lot and is our future in mobile application development. It has Facebook nurturing it that ensures bigger and better upgrades in the future. React Native in 2020 is the perfect platform for every type of enterprise, and its excellent performance on both Android and iOS cements its position as the favorite among businesses and developers alike. 

Smart Sight Innovations, a custom mobile app development company has developed multiple web and mobile apps for an automotive platform. The platform has been developed using React, React Native, Node.js, and more. So, if you are looking for a react native mobile app development company consider discussing your requirements with us. We assure you, our services will  help you achieve your business goals and requirements.

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