React Native App Trends that will help Enterprises Succeed in 2021

When businesses decide to invest in a mobile app, choosing a suitable platform to develop the app is one of the most important decisions. Robust performance and a short development and deployment cycle are aspects that are hallmarks of a good platform. With mobile users around the world mainly using 2 major platforms – Android and iOS, businesses and developers alike have critical decisions to make when it comes to deploying apps on both these platforms. 


Previously, app developers would either have to go down the path of developing apps with good user experience or focus on building apps that work on both platforms by compromising on the user experience – to save time – which eventually could hurt their business. This was a ‘devil vs the deep sea’ moment for most businesses, as they would have to choose between developing an app for just one marketplace (and lose out on the user base that the other offers) or build a sub-par product that users wouldn’t be too happy with.  


The advent of hybrid app frameworks has brought immense balance to the app development process, by enabling developers to build cross platform apps seamlessly while also providing a rich user experience. 


The React Native framework is one of the most popular app development frameworks used to build complex hybrid apps, while delivering native user experiences. This is because React Native app development offers advanced features that help developers dive deep into native aspects on each platform. 


Large enterprises such as Walmart, Tesla, Instagram, Airbnb, and Bloomberg use the React Native App development platform to maintain their edge over competitors. As per Statista, 42% developers used the React Native framework in 2020.


Here are some of the expected React Native app development trends for 2021:


Reduced Deployment Time & Costs

With React Native, transferring code across mobile platforms is simple and an application developed for Android can be compiled for iOS with minor tweaks. The common code base for both platforms ensures drastically reduced development time and cost as well, which is a critical aspect especially for budding start-ups.


Reusable Components

Certain apps have specific branding patterns that are hard to recreate in any native environment but React Native facilitates developers to build apps that feel as good as those developed natively. This is because it has similar components as those in Android or iOS and enables a seamless appearance across platforms.


Smooth Integrations

The framework’s internal device programming supports uncomplicated syncs with native modules via frameworks and can be easily assimilated with other components like GPS, camera etc. Most of these features use a JavaScript library that successfully unifies code and maintains the platform specifics in open-source libraries.


Hot Reload!

The ‘hot reloading’ is a captivating developer experience and one of the most popular React Native trends in recent memory. Multiple features allow developers to build apps quickly and the Hot Module Replacement (HMR) enables a quick change in the source code with instant results. This helps developers build an app without recompilation, reducing development time.


Rich Cross-Platform Experience

Consumers across the world are spoilt for choices when it comes to choosing a preferred mobile phone model. The Android ecosystem especially has tons of choices across each budget slab, and iOS has also started offering multiple options with each release. React Native’s elastic layout engines are compatible across all devices –  mobile & tablets – as well as screen sizes. A React Native app development company leverages impressive features such as HD graphic and multiple device support to build immersive apps. 


The versatility of this platform knows no bounds and the coming years will witness even more breath taking React Native trends. 


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