Redefining Remote Work and Ensuring Productivity with Big Data

Prior to the recent advances in data technology and the speeds it offered, remote work was not even under consideration for organizations, with a general presumption that employees were more productive in an office environment under supervision as compared to them managing their own work. 


Over the last year and a half, the Covid-19 pandemic coupled with big data capabilities has changed perceptions substantially if not drastically in favour of remote work. One of the biggest takeaways from this period is the improved quality of remote work that has been possible because of big data, AI, and the deep analysis that these technologies have made possible. 


The pandemic has brought down cultural as well as technological limitations that in the past was prejudiced against remote work and has pioneered a structural shift where work takes place, independent of the employee’s location.


Going forward, hybrid models of remote work are expected to continue, at least for the sufficiently educated, well-paid section of the workforce. With the latest technology abetting effective employee monitoring outside office premises as well, the role of big data development has become increasingly important. 


The advances in big data development have shown that there are multiple factors that impact employee productivity, such as the gadgets, tools, and even the type of furniture used by them which affects their health and comfort, and as a direct result, their output. Organizations have now learnt that the welfare of the employees also plays as significant a role as investing in the right technology. 


Big data platforms are increasingly being employed by organizations to help achieve these goals. Monitoring productivity is made possible by using apps and management tools that rely on AI. These apps and tools have a variety of features that make it easier for managers to keep track of employee performance. Not only that, they can also generate reports and data which are essential in decision making.


Big data development can further enhance remote work capabilities with the following ancillary aspects. 


Effective Communication Tools

The consistent advances in technology over the decades have rendered many technologies obsolete. In today’s scenario, big data solutions have increased communication capabilities with multiple options available to organizations at a fraction of the cost. VoIP, enterprise messaging tools and the latest development of group video calls have all made communication easy as well as effective. Enterprises have never had such a plethora of options to choose from and this has definitely enabled their workforce to achieve even more. Communication platforms like Zoom, followed by Microsoft Teams and Google Meet have made virtual meets as effective as those done in person with multiple other features that not only enable, but also increase productivity and seamless collaboration. 


Big data development management through cloud systems 

Big data solutions have augmented cloud technology and has made data more accessible for remote workers, and teams have real time access to data on the go, whether they are in client meetings or site visits. Cloud technology also has increased data protection features that ensure data remains safe. 


Tools for collaboration

There are many collaborative tools ready for big data integration that are immensely popular and help the workforce remain equally effective even when working remotely. These tools, when hosted on the web or on a big data platform, let managers look at their teams work in real time, while suggesting improvements and also enable comments and instant presentation of their work to ensure every input is incorporated. Companies can choose a solution from the many available options that best fits their requirements. 


Facilitate virtual training

Organizations like it when their employees keep themselves upskilled and abreast of the latest in their respective fields. They can now go one step further by supporting their workforce by organizing virtual training sessions with interactive features that make use of VR and AR capabilities – powered by big data integrations – that not only increases their skills but also does so in an environment which is both enriching and fun.


If you are looking for big data development services to leverage its power and increase business efficiency, contact Smart Sight Innovations today for a free quote. 

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