Top 10 must-have features for an Ecommerce site

Ecommerce website is a great way to sell products online. When customers visit the site, they are looking for simple navigation to explore the product you are offering. Most of the time, when you get custom ecommerce solutions, you should look for certain features to include in your site. In this article, you will find the top 10 best features to include in your Ecommerce website. 

#1. Responsive Design 

You can never predict which device your shoppers will use to make a purchase. So, an ecommerce website should have a responsive design that is accessible across all devices such as cell phones, laptops, tablets, PC, etc. 

However, according to a study, more than 65% of users would like to buy from an ecommerce website that is compatible with mobile devices. It clearly indicates that cross-platform compatibility and responsive design is one of the most significant features of the best ecommerce website. 

#2. Flawless Content Management 

An ecommerce website should display the essential content that helps users to understand the product. From product features to decryption, all content needs to be categorized and well-organized. Most of the custom ecommerce solutions provider companies recommend a platform that has a robust content management system. 

Moreover, flawless content management accommodates you in the site maintenance. When you have an efficient content management system, it’s easier for you to make design changes at any time. So, choose an e-commerce platform that offers a user-friendly content management system. 

#3. Optimal Security

From login to check out, ecommerce website requires to deal with much confidential information of their customers. So, it’s crucial for eCommerce sites to have established security to win the trust of customers. And, ecommerce web development companies suggest obtaining SSL certificates. 

Also, they prefer to implement real-time bot detection technology to prevent online fraud. Plus, train your staff to be vigilant about online security so that you can take appropriate actions to prevent security threats. Hence, it is one of the must-have features for an ecommerce website. 

#4. Promotional Tools

Apart from introducing the details of the products, it’s an excellent idea to mention the promotional offers. For instance, the giant ecommerce platform Amazon clearly mentions the offers and the discount section on the home page.  The promotional offers keep your customers attracted to make purchases from your website. 

In fact, it’s an easy way to notify your website visitors about the current offers going on. The clear information about the sale helps the users to make a quick decision to buy an item. 

#5. Payment Gateway integration

A good ecommerce website should have a payment gateway integration that supports multiple options to pay for the merchandise. It enables you to a single integrated way to collect payment. Also, it improves security and helps to decrease the chances of credit card fraud. As it makes sure the security of the encrypted data, an online business including ecommerce site should have payment gateway integration.

Nonetheless, select the advance payment options that support payment through multiple cards such as debit/credit card including master card, visa card, American express, RuPay Card, and many more. This option offers flexibility to the customers to pay according to their convenience. 

#6. Intuitive Checkout Process

According to a research study, 27% of people do not buy from an ecommerce website due to the longer and complicated checkout process. In most instances, buyers are in a hurry to perform check out and make a purchase. So, the entire process of checkout should be simple and intuitive enough so that your customers do not face any difficulties.

In fact, a complicated checkout is one of the main reasons for cart abandonment. Hence, experts suggest that customize your ecommerce website in order to execute the instinctive checkout procedure. 

#7. Email Marketing Integration

Email marketing is one of the best ways to generate more ROI. It helps you to keep your consumers informed about the latest trends, sale, discount offers, and many other important matters. This information triggers customers to make a purchase from your website.  

In general, ecommerce businesses have a large number of customers’ databases. And, reaching out to them is a painstaking process that can be made simple via email marketing tools. So, do not forget to include these exclusive features on your ecommerce website. 

#8. Online Support

If you have superior online support, you can easily engage and attract more customers towards your business. Your ecommerce site needs to have online chat services along with a facility to connect with the customer support center without any trouble. With online support, customers have an opportunity to resolve their queries quickly. Also, it enables you to bond with your customers and offers the solutions as they want. This feature is mandatory to boost customer services of your Ecommerce business. 

#9. Highlight User Reviews

When people buy an item online, they tend to look for reviews of other users. The positive reviews allow them to make quick purchase decisions. Thus, make sure that your ecommerce website has a clear section where customers can write and look for the reviews. This feature will facilitate you to increase customer interaction and know their opinion about a product. So, based on those details, you can improve the standards or maintain the current one for a product. 

#10. FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) on a website are intended to solve customers queries quickly and efficiently. It offers much essential information to the customers so that they can boost their purchasing decision. The Faqs, especially for an ecommerce site, helps you to save time, improve navigation, and build a strong relationship with your customers. 

Also, with the appropriately ordered informative questions, you can boost search engine rankings. So, this one of the crucial features that your ecommerce site should possess. 

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