Top Reasons to Choose SAP HANA for Application Development

SAP HANA, long considered a breakthrough in-memory database, can help businesses with state-of-the-art web application development and analytical tools. The continuous and incessant advancements in technology have shrunk the world, and people have access to all forms of information at their fingertips, especially as information is passed on through various modes of communication. Even remote regions and towns in least developed economies have access to such information through the world wide web and social networking, that has seen a dramatic increase through the persistent proliferation of mobile smartphones and increased proficiency in web application development.


With the volume of data increasing at a prodigious pace, due to ever-increasing numbers in the sources from where such data originates, an established app development company can help keep businesses abreast of these developments and utilise such critical information gained from the market to their advantage. SAP plays a crucial role by helping organizations keep up with the exponentially increasing data by pooling millions of information bits together and allowing companies to access them even while being mobile.


Whether one is a business decision maker, a project contributor or product owner, they will need to know the technical benefits offered by the HANA platform. Smart Sight Innovations’ top app development services helps you achieve more from this platform. Here are some of the top reasons businesses should choose the SAP HANA platform to build their application:


  1. Real-Time:

Entities can run both analytical and transactional applications on a single data model, which will completely change how business applications are built and how users expect to employ them.


  1. Its Fast!:

An app development company can help businesses utilise the existing computing infrastructure to implement SAP HANA:


  1. It takes full advantage of multiple CPU cores, caches, and memory. The Massive Parallel Processing (MPP) component in the database kernel is also fully appropriated, along with the database extensions needed by enterprise applications – which makes it highly efficient.
  2. It uses Intel’s SSE vector processing to handle several sections of data in one instruction cycle.
  3. An app development company can equip businesses and entities with highly advanced Data Partitioning and Query Optimizer to achieve parallelization processing.


SAP HANA provides a state-of-the-art data platform, that ensures faster data access which uses any column as the index, and also by having only the relevant columns accessed through the encoded column store. Its impressively efficient compression is made possible through columnar data storage, which is applied specifically for the sorted columns. This platform uses high-efficiency compression methods like run-length encoding, dictionary coding and cluster coding.


  1. Unlimited Data Source:

Users will have options to load data from pre-existing data sources into SAP HANA as its capabilities make up for missing functionalities in remote databases.


  1. Complete Data Access:

Users will be bolstered by the ability to query complicated questions on all sets of data utilizing standard SQL to accomplish tasks that – before the development of SAP HANA – were deemed to be impossible.


  1. Readily Accessible Platform:

Classic protocols are widely used to access SAP HANA to integrate the required applications into it. Developers can also use programming languages they are already familiar with, to build applications on it.


  1. Anticipate Timeframe:

As organizations expand, the humongous size of datasets will present diverse levels of complexity. This is where SAP HANA shines, by making responses available within a predictable timeframe.


  1. Elementary:

Any application or web application development is effortless as application codes can be minimized by up to 75% using the in-memory technology that is part of this platform.


  1. Prognosis:

Predictive Analysis can be accelerated by a great deal using in-database algorithms that can be delivered directly to developers so that they can adapt models more often.


  1. Amalgamation:

Any entity that provides top app development services ensures that the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) is minimized by merging heterogeneous servers into SAP HANA servers. This also results in minimizing maintenance, lifecycle management and hardware related costs.


Smart Sight Innovations, an acclaimed app development company, has a team of experienced technical and business professionals that help enterprises achieve their performance management goals by minimizing inefficiencies and focussing on assets and processes, by leveraging the latest in technology. Feel free to contact us or drop us a note for a free quote.

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