What Are the Advantages of a Custom PHP Website?

PHP is a widely used programming language that has built-in web development capabilities that helps developers seamlessly embed code into HTML using the Script tag. It facilitates developers to write large and complex websites and web applications rapidly without having to execute the code through various web frameworks.


PHP not only supports rapid web application development, but also simplifies the entire process by providing a robust structure which developers can use to build their web pages. The PHP framework is a treasure trove of features and tools that add versatile functionalities to web applications, which enable them to execute a wide variety of tasks without requiring lengthy and complex code.


Developers also have the added luxury of multiple PHP frameworks to choose from. Many of these frameworks are open source and do not need any licence to be used. PHP provides full stack web frameworks, as well as some that are micro frameworks.


Major tech companies such as WordPress, Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook have utilised PHP to build their solutions.


With the technological advancements that the entire world is experiencing, along with the increasing prevalence of ecommerce and online marketing companies, a prudent website is a must for any business that wants to establish an online presence.


Businesses of all types and across industries have benefitted from custom PHP web development services. Recent surveys indicate that as many as 85% of websites use the PHP framework for web development.


Custom PHP web development enables organizations to build websites as per their business needs and customer requirements. Some of the many advantages of Custom PHP web development are:


Quick development and easy maintenance

PHP comes with comprehensive tools, features, and code snippets that helps developers accelerate web application development. Also, it does not emphasize on code readability and maintainability, which simplifies maintenance tasks using the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. This divides applications into models, views and controllers that separates the user interface and business logic layers.


Straight forward development and Database Management

The PHP framework for web development offers a flexible connection with the database and plentiful backend options to select from such as MYSQL, Oracle and SQLite. MYSQL is the preferred option in the ecommerce, CMS and CRM industries.


Many PHP development companies in the USA and across the world use an assortment of scripting languages such as Magento, JavaScript and Joomla to provide additional support to development efforts.


Improved SEO

A customized website can be developed using SEO friendly features to ensure higher visibility that not only drives traffic to the website, but also leads to increased conversions and sales. For example, a PHP development company in USA can create customized landing pages to drive local traffic for different SEO campaigns. With such attributes, it is possible to highlight certain products and capabilities, which is  companies providing PHP web development services can estimate and plan effectively for.


Seamless Automation

While building a web application, there are a number of tasks that need to be performed in sync which require programmers to invest time and effort. The PHP framework helps developers automate many web development tasks such as caching, session management, authentication and URL mapping, thus reducing development time and optimizing resources.


Increased Security

PHP is one of the most secure programming languages with robust built-in features and mechanisms that make it easier to protect websites from harmful attacks. PHP developers can also prevent security threats like cross-site request forgeries and data tampering.


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