Why is NODEJS preferred for enterprise app development?

The relentless competition in business has raised the bar for the performance of enterprise applications consistently. Enterprise app development must secure various aspects of enterprise operations such as data confidentiality and business performance. NodeJS provides a robust server environment for enterprises to develop web apps nimbly and in an impregnable environment. In a world where taking quick decisions and actions is an indispensable feature to achieving success, NodeJS continues to be an excellent platform for enterprise app development. 

The innate functionalities of NodeJS have received much acclaim, many richly deserved. The platform has quickly become a favourite for developers and businesses alike because of the many advantages that it provides. Behemoths such as PayPal, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Yahoo, and IBM rely on NodeJS for their enterprise app development, especially at the backend, as it caters to the four doctrines that businesses are enamoured to – innovation, productivity, cost effectiveness and scalability. This framework is also the largest package manager, that makes adding modules a much simpler and a time saving task.

According to a NodeJS user survey, 43% of NodeJS developers use it for enterprise app development. What is even more amazing to note is that a majority of these developers work for Fortune 500 companies. Another study reveals that 58% of the total development time around the world is spent on NodeJS backend development, that is saying something, as the fraternity of developers is consistently increasing. 

NodeJS is an open-source, cross-platform server environment that can run JavaScript codes outside the web browser. Developers can use JavaScript in NodeJS to write command-line tools that run server-side scripts and make dynamic web page content before the page itself reaches the user’s web browser. NodeJS for backend development works on a non-blocking, data driven I/O model, which makes it efficient, scalable, and lightweight.

Some of the reasons why NodeJS is the preferred development language for enterprise apps are:


  • Highly Scalable & Performance Oriented 

NodeJS is based on Google Chrome’s V8 runtime, which is written in C++. It allows code to work on multiple operating systems which support features of modern JavaScript facilitating JSON data transformation automatically. Since NodeJS has a single-threaded & event-driven architecture, it can manage multiple connections simultaneously with remarkable speed. 


  • Impressive Package Manager (NPM)

The enterprise version of the Node Package Manager (NPM) has improved security and privacy features, which is a must have for big enterprises. It ensures programmers do not need to code common features from scratch and allows them to avoid new layers of complexity. NPM allows enterprises to run the infrastructure behind the company’s firewall and gives them access to a private registry along with high-grade security features which find vulnerabilities and automatically replace unsafe code.


  • Reusable RESTful API’s 

NodeJS provides reusable RESTful APIs which has proven to be the most adaptable way of developing software systems on a large scale, by enabling APIs that connect to the backend for increased efficiency that can handle large volumes of data.


  • Supports Cross-platform App Development 

Platforms such as NW.js and Electron can be used for cross-platform desktop apps using NodeJS backend application development. Developers can reuse codes from the web app to the desktop app compatible with multiple platforms like Windows, Linux, and MacOS. The easy access to Google Chrome Developer Tools and the likes allows developers to perform faster debugging while also screening desktop versions of the apps more efficiently with NodeJS backend development.


  • Easy Learning Curve

Developers who have just begun using NodeJS need not be very proficient as skills in C#, Objective-C, and similar languages for native development are enough to become an established NodeJS backend developer. NodeJS is based on JavaScript and the syntax is very similar.

Some of the other major companies that rely on NodeJS for backend development for their primary apps and services technology are Amazon, Medium, eBay, NASA, Groupon, Walmart, Netflix, Trello, and Uber. 



When it comes to backend services, NodeJS application development is a well-established solution. The purpose of NodeJS sits perfectly with many enterprise-level applications that require high volumes of I/O operations with the network, disc or memory. NodeJS application development has many advantages such as faster time-to-market, fewer lines of code and higher performance, and the purpose of NodeJS to help serve more clients in less time with lesser resources is a proven aspect.

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