Why Ruby on Rails is a Preferred Choice for Software Development?

Ruby was introduced in 1995 by Yukihirio Matsumoto, a Japanese software engineer from Japan, who wanted to build a simple and powerful programming language. But it was almost a decade later that the language gained extensive popularity when David Heinemeier Hansson created Ruby on Rails and built a custom web framework.


Ruby on Rails software development is preferred for its capabilities, simplicity, and robustness. This is why a very large number of developers prefer using it for a variety of projects.


When to Choose Ruby on Rails?


Although not limited to these, some of the best solutions built with Ruby on Rails are:


  • To build an ecommerce application or website
  • For effective content management (audios, videos, articles etc.)
  • For services with membership and subscription requirements


In this post, we highlight a few important reasons to consider Ruby on Rails for your web development requirements.


  1. Easy Development Process


Ruby on Rails software development is one of the finest examples of the convention over configuration approach, in which development is supported by robust programming protocols instead of random properties defined by developers. This ensures there is no need for supplementary configurations and hastens the development cycle. Ruby on Rails, JavaBeans, CakePHP are frameworks which work on this concept.


  1. Comprehensive Library

Ruby on Rails web development boasts an exhaustive library which developers have complete access to, that abbreviates the development cycle. These packages called Gems, help  developers enhance functionalities without any additional code. The community adds new Gems regularly which increases flexibility and greatly reduces the time-to-market.


  1. All-round Solution

Ruby on Rails is a capable framework when it comes to database-backed web applications. Many popular web apps such as Airbnb, SoundCloud, Shopify, GitHub etc. are built using RoR, and it can also be used to build APIs, thus making it a complete solution for building an application.


  1. Quick Testing & Bug Detection

Ruby on Rails software development enables integrated real time testing as the code is being written and creates a test directory when a project is created. During testing, developers can test all the code together or run a single test file.


  1. Backend Capability

While there are multiple JavaScript-based frameworks that developers can use, Ruby on Rails web development is a preferred choice with its capable backend options. While JavaScript frameworks are used for frontend aspects of web development, the Rails MVC framework is preferred when websites and web apps need to fetch data from databases, i.e., at the backend.


Ruby on Rails Software Development


There are multiple reasons to opt for Ruby on Rails software development. While the above mentioned are only a few of them, our tech experts can explain the true potential of this technology, depending upon your business segment and project requirements. You can schedule a free consultation with them to discuss your business idea and the value that this framework could add to your project.


If you have decided to use RoR in your next development project and plan to hire Ruby on Rails (RoR) developers, our expert developers can help build the best solutions that power your business.

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