10 Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development

10 Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App DevelopmentThe use of mobile apps has risen exponentially globally. In addition to connecting us, they also instruct, educate and direct us. However, it is not limited to personal use. From a business perspective, they are an effective way to develop and create value. They can acquire and retain customers, increase brand awareness and make shopping easy. Mobile apps created for specific businesses are known as enterprise mobile applications. To ensure that an organization runs smoothly, it is important to give employees the tools they need to perform their jobs more effectively. Therefore, enterprise mobile apps are only meant for use by the staff of a specific organization, in contrast to consumer mobile apps, which are marketed to the general public.


Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development

The following tasks will benefit greatly with the help of a strong enterprise app.


1. Minimize Paperwork

Staying with large files and spreadsheets in the modern era, while the majority of data is in digital format, is surely going to affect your daily operations. Enterprise mobile applications can help your company focus on primary goals and tasks by developing an app that helps you remove human intervention, lower the amount of paperwork and automate some tasks. This allows the professionals to concentrate on more complex problems and strategic objectives.


2. Enhance Data Management

Enterprise mobile apps are a great fit for the EDM process, due to their ability to provide employees with secure single-source access to the most accurate data. Enterprise data management (EDM) is the process of cataloging and controlling your company’s data and gaining your organization’s support. It values managing people as much as managing data. Since all of the data is kept in one location, the enterprise app can promote better data processing, analysis, verification and adjustment operations. Thus making a huge difference in the overall efficiency of the company.


3. Improved Supply Chain Management

Utilizing an app for the supply chain is another way to enhance business productivity. Supply chain management ensures that proper goods or services are delivered at the right time and in the right amount. This requires efficient integration of information from customers, producers, merchants, warehouses and transporters. You can effectively manage the flow of data and goods in the supply chain network with the use of real-time data and analytics provided. The management, distribution and planning of transportation in your company can all be improved, further saving money.


4. Support

Enterprise mobile apps are providing the highest quality of customer service in the banking arena. They can help manage and resolve basic queries from your clients, allowing professionals to work on other complex issues. Fake inquiries can be identified easily by using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning, thus preventing serious security issues.


5. Onboarding and Certification

Enterprise mobile apps can help simplify the recruitment and onboarding process for businesses. Your company can improve new hire engagement and create a positive first impression with the help of these apps. An enterprise mobile app can effectively manage the information related to employee certification that can further streamline the workload on the human resource department.


6. Better ROI

Offering amazing features can boost your corporate app’s income, productivity and security, which in turn will boost your company’s return on investment (ROI). You can monitor the features your employees are continuously interacting with and also get feedback on it. Working on the UI/UX of the app is another essential step. Your app’s UI/UX should be designed such that:

  • Users can effortlessly transition from one screen to the next without any interruptions.
  • It is simple enough for users to understand where to go, what to click on next and what task needs to be accomplished on each screen.


7. Transactions and Payments

Retailers and other businesses using e-commerce payment systems particularly benefit from an enterprise mobile app. A transaction-focused mobile app can help you manage finances, be in control of payment deadlines and send notifications. Based on your requirements, these apps provide a variety of payment functions that you can manage from a simple interface. Controlling and streamlining transactions can help your business save time and money.


8. Improved Employee Productivity

Enterprise mobile apps are essential for facilitating meaningful communication between the company’s different functions and its clients. They give access to real-time data and insights to the employees. The workflow management is also enhanced and you can automate several tasks, thus relieving employees from doing repetitive work and allowing them to focus on productive areas of the business. Repetitive work results in a decline in employee efficiency, in turn affecting productivity.


9. Monitoring Employees 

The business world has created new opportunities for remote work and managing remote employees is challenging. Enterprise mobile apps can give your staff a means to communicate their progress to you and also help you keep an eye on their work, without violating employee privacy. You can monitor the time invested in each task and the project as a whole, thus making it as transparent, accurate and objective as possible. You can also get an understanding of various activities, like which task takes the majority of your employee’s time.

By tracking and monitoring employees you can improve your business goals and give them realistic goals. You can also uncover the problem areas and assess the behavior of your employees in different situations and projects. Reliability, dedication, teamwork and problem-solving skills are some abilities you may want to assess. Employee monitoring also allows you to make sure that the employees don’t use suspicious links that can put private or sensitive data at risk. While staff monitoring benefits a variety of corporate functions, it is also a good way to spot hacker activity.


10. Cost-effective 

Enterprise mobile apps are considered to be reliable and cost-effective. Utilizing technologies like blockchain, cloud, AI, AR and VR  in your enterprise mobile app will greatly increase the value of your app. The enterprise mobile app encourages automation which not only saves money but also gives the internal team and customers an excellent experience. They offer excellent visibility, predictability and control over many operations, whether it is internal application maintenance costs or continuous IT administration.


Even though developing an enterprise mobile app can be challenging, they are worth the money and effort. They are crucial for a digital transformation that can streamline the workflow, reduce expenses and save resources. Enterprise mobile apps help businesses achieve their goals and stay ahead of their competitors, bring down costs and boost profits. NetSuite OneWorld (an app for resource planning), Expensify (an accounting platform), ClickMeeting (an app for webinars), SurveyMonkey (an app for conducting surveys), MailChimp (an email marketing platform) are some of the top enterprise mobile apps for businesses.

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