How Can an App Solve Problems For Construction Companies?

Every construction company owner wants to have a strong foundation, but don’t the owners feel the need to use mobile technology to increase productivity? Construction companies can use tech effectively to achieve exponential growth for their business.

The real estate and construction sectors are continuously evolving. One thing that remains constant and is of utmost importance is the multiple levels of coordination between the office staff and resources on the field. 

Around 50-80% of the problems faced at construction sites are due to missed or delayed information, which hampers the quality of work and efficiency. Mobile apps can combat this problem, and construction companies can enable a centralized system accessible by multiple users.

Managers, subcontractors, and the on-site team must be on the same page for timely completion the required work. The manager must keep track of the organization’s team, contractors, the daily progress of work, schedules, equipment, quotes, invoicing, material delivery etc. The list is never-ending and maintaining only manual records for the multiple layers of operations is inviting a disaster. Information is scattered across multiple sources like spreadsheets, papers and emails, thus creating more headaches that can hamper productivity.

To overcome this issue, a mobile app is highly beneficial. Construction workers and professionals enabled with smartphones and tablets can increase efficiency and improve performance. Coordination over phone reduces cost, hastens the progress of work which in turn ensures that deadlines are met. 

A mobile application also enables real-time exchange of information, useful for tracking daily activities, streamlining collaboration and coordination amongst multiple teams.

Here are a few aspects of construction that are bound to benefit with the use of mobile technology and make a significant difference in the construction industry:

1. Reduced construction delays

Having real-time information at the job site reduces overall project delays. Mobile apps allow easy dissemination of information and access to instant updates from all locations. This information ensures smooth progress of operations so that tasks are completed in a sequential manner (as against in a haphazard way) that is critical in this industry. 

2. Facilitates automated updates to management and decision makers

On-site completion of daily reports on mobile devices and automatic emails with updates upon achieving milestones to the relevant stakeholders not only saves time, but also keeps the concerned team members in the loop, and fosters a sense of belonging by making them a part of the success of their fellow colleagues. It also goes a long way in the effective planning and execution of the further steps with minimal lag.

3. Increase in back-office efficiency

By eliminating the use of spreadsheets and online documents, construction companies can save hours spent on data entry. BI dashboards can be useful to quickly analyze, visualize, and act on the day’s information. It allows the project to run efficiently, thus saving costs and time.

4. It improves accountability of field staff

To optimize labour costs and enable accountability, GPS locations of team members can be checked on a real-time basis using mobile applications. 

The on-site construction staff are enabled to document the progress of their work by uploading photos from their handheld devices to improve transparency, which also inculcates a sense of ownership for one’s work.

5. Improved Asset Management

Efficient management of assets can do wonders do the bottom line of a construction company. With mobile technology in hand, it is easy to track and manage the use of equipment, log equipment hours and keep track for improved planning and deployment, especially when work is being carried out at multiple sites simultaneously.

6. Project Management

Using mobile apps for real time data and updates from the site leads to better output and ease of planning. It reduces issues and confusions that may arise from illegible handwriting, inconsistent information. GPS, photos, timestamps, and signatures captured on-site provide an accurate audit trail for project accuracy. 

It further enhances operations by consolidating all the data streams into one channel, which not only leads to process optimization, but also results in massive savings with respect to time and resources by making available a single instance of truth.

7. Provide real-time mobile access to plans, by-laws

Many apps provide two-way access to information, which eases the workload on the organization. Construction companies can file electronic versions of work orders, plan clarifications, building code references, by-laws, and more for quick offline access by the team. It reduces the need for re-works and increases productivity.


Wrapping up

Mentioned above are just a few examples of how smartphone app development can solve the problems of construction companies.

Technology is advancing at a phenomenal rate, and it is imperative that organizations invest in such tech to not just keep up with the times, but also acknowledge its obvious advantages to advance their prospects. 

Gone are the days when data was stored, transferred, and referred to using paperwork – an archaic method. There are ample technological innovations available today at a fraction of the cost that solve many issues construction companies face. 

Organizations must understand that the cost involved in implementing these solutions are miniscule when compared to the long-term costs of loss of time and labour. With all these solutions available, why would anyone opt for manual updates and reporting?

Improve the work quality and view your team’s work in real-time with regular updates by choosing a smartphone app development company. Companies interested in leveraging apps to increase their business prospects significantly can contact Smart Sight Innovations for customized development as dictated by requirements.

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