iOS vs Android: Which smartphone platform is the best in 2020?

There are possibly hundreds of aspects when it comes to differences between iOS and Android phones. Here are seven of the most crucial ones that can help select the most suitable device. 


Google’s OS lets users customize the home screen. Even app icons can be arranged the way users want. Almost every aspect of the phone’s appearance and behavior is customizable. Users appreciate complete control over the way their device appears, and Android offers them the best customization options as of now. 

Google even lets device manufacturers customize the framework. As source code for Android OS is available to handset manufacturers, they can modify the same to make changes. Device makers tweak the operating system framework and integrate it with their software (Android Skin). It enables device makers to add exciting new features, and crucial security patches in the Android device. 

Xiaomi’s MIUI, OxygenOS from OnePlus, Samsung Experience, OPPO ColorOS, and LG UX are some of the most popular Android skins developed by device brands.

Personalization does not seem to be Apple’s primary concern for iOS as of now. Device users cannot make any significant changes in the way the apps appear. 

Apple remains ahead with numerous security and privacy features

BlackBerry remained unchallenged when it came to privacy and data security for phones in the last decade. Since its swift and surprising downfall, Apple has consistently retained the top spot by offering the best privacy and device security features. Apple even makes the FBI run from pillar to post when it comes to unlocking iPhones used by terrorists. Put simply; locked, encrypted smartphones remain highly secure. 

The Apple App Store publishing policies have helped the company keep malicious apps away from iPhones and iPads. Besides the numerous existing security and privacy features, the iOS 14 update (set to be released soon) makes it mandatory for developers to declare the data that their app may collect. It has tweaked the settings so that devices would turn-on the recording light whenever an app uses the phone’s microphone or camera.  

Google’s Android devices often end up being targeted, hacked by cybercriminals. The Play Store policies somehow fail to identify the dangers lurking in the form of various apps. Android 10 does allow users to control the data and device features that multiple apps can be allowed to access. However, that seems too little too late. It won’t be wrong to suggest that Apple has probably managed to remain ahead of Android as it controls the entire hardware, software, and services ecosystem. 

Besides Google and Apple, even mobile app development solutions providers strive to ensure the solutions they develop for both operating systems remain highly secure.  

Software updates and support for old phones

Apple supports iPads and iPhones with iOS updates / upgrades for five to six years after their release. 

Apple regularly updates security protocols to make sure devices remain secure from threats. It ensures older devices support the latest video, image, and file formats. Users experience functional improvements with every software update. However, the firm faces a lot of criticism as some of its iOS updates and upgrades slow down the older devices forcing users to buy the latest models. 

On the other hand, only first-party Google devices (like Google’s Pixel) get upgrades, and in most cases, phones made by different manufacturers do not! Most of the apps available in Google Play Store stop supporting devices that are older than five years. Device makers only issue updates / upgrades to high-end phones via their Android skins. So, Apple is a winner when it comes to releasing updates and upgrades for the operating system. 

Google Assistant wins over iPhone Siri 

Perhaps, Google Assistant’s ability to use the search giant’s database is the primary factor that makes it much more sophisticated than Siri.  

The Google Assistant in Android devices manages to impress users by processing their requests and providing more accurate answers for queries. The virtual assistant integrates with the phone’s crucial features and does a lot besides just making calls and sending texts. 

When programmed accurately, it can alert the user about planned events or meetings in the day’s schedule, the traffic conditions on the way to the venue, weather, etc. The system integrates with Google Nest, allowing phone users to control smart devices in the house with their smartphone. Surprisingly, the Google Assistant app also works with KaiOS feature phones. 

Apple Siri, on the other hand, connects with a limited set of Apple devices. It allows users to make calls, send texts, schedule alerts for events, play songs, make calculations, etc. It can also search the internet for information, but results are less accurate.


When it comes to accessories like charging cables, battery cases, external speakers, Google operating system powered devices seem far ahead of iOS ones. Most of these phones can be connected to other gadgets with their simple USB (USB-C) ports. Such cables are readily available around the world. 

On the other hand, the Cupertino based company’s devices need a proprietary Lightning port for connecting with other devices. Apple claims this gives the firm more control to ensure iPhones are connected only with quality devices.  

Most importantly, chargers, earplugs and replacement batteries for iOS devices are far more expensive than Android ones. 

Ultra-high capacity batteries 

The battery performance ultimately depends on the usage. However, most reviews suggest, iPhone 11 Pro Max’s fully charged battery can last for a day-and-a-half or two days under standard conditions. Several iPhone users complain about issues with battery life, especially after upgrading the device’s operating system.

Hundreds of devices that work on Android OS are available in the market. Those with large screens consume a lot of power. However, even affordable devices come loaded with a reliable 5000 mAh battery that lasts for 36 hours with reasonable usage. 

Put simply; even a low-end Android OS powered phone variant can offer better performance than iPhone when it comes to battery. 

Price factor 

Apple iOS devices get a better resale value in any part of the world. But these are considered as high-end devices in many countries due to their cost. There are high budget Android phones and super-affordable ones ($200 or less) made by Chinese manufacturers. So, people don’t need to sell their kidneys to buy a smartphone.

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