How can Shopify Plus prove to be ideal for enterprise e-commerce development?

Shopify Plus is an e-commerce platform that is loaded with features for supporting enterprise customers. It is best for firms that have high online sales volumes. Let us focus on some of the most significant benefits that the Plus version has in store for users.  

Superb scalability  

Studies conducted in several countries have pointed out that people may prefer to continue buying online after the end of the COVID19 crisis. So, businesses need accommodating platforms that can cater to increasing growth.  

Shopify’s servers can handle four million hits per second. Thus, it can offer consistent support to businesses that start as a small firm and become the market leader within months.  

You can also run a clone site for a B2B / wholesale business using the same Shopify account, without paying additional fees. Put simply, you can accommodate a new class of buyers without breaking the bank.  

You can offer a password-protected dedicated store to your B2B / wholesale customers. Adjusting pricing for ‘wholesale only’ products, modifying shipping rules, and providing bulk discount offers to selected consumers has become easy. Such buyers can even edit and review orders before invoicing.

Several established businesses shift to Shopify Plus from Magento and other platforms due to this feature.  The monthly fee for the enterprise platform makes sense compared to managing expensive servers. 

Excellent features that support product launches and promotional events 

Launching new products and offering exclusive deals on the existing ones can result in a boost in sales. However, the e-commerce site’s theme, messaging, and checkout process needs to be customized and aligned with such events. 

The Scripting feature in Shopify Plus enables administrators to create product bundles, tiered pricing, and offer gifts, as well as percentage-based discounts to selected customers. 

The platform’s Launchpad tool helps brands in tuning the e-commerce store according to the scheduled events. The Launchpad feature can be used for programming the start and end time for the launch campaign. The store’s theme and other functions can be changed during the product launch or flash-sale and automatically readjusted after the chosen end time. 

You get more bandwidth and storage, which means your website will never crash, as it can be scaled during flash sales and holidays when the portal expects enormous traffic. Several big brands use Shopify Plus and manage to get the best out of the features while handling high sales volumes.  

Besides captcha integration, the theme can be adjusted for highlighting event-specific content. You can also opt for channel-specific visibility for items and their prices. 

Setting-up multiple stores using a single account 

Shopify Plus lets you set up ten different stores. The option is best for firms that wish to set up multicurrency, multilanguage stores for operating in various countries. It enables firms to cater to several markets and ship internationally. The setting involves a lot of tricky stuff like setting up the redirect option for moving the traffic into multilanguage stores. So, it is advisable to get help from experts. 

Customizing the checkout process 

The checkout experience can considerably impact conversion rates. Thus, every online seller wishes to keep some control over the checkout procedure. Unfortunately, that’s not possible with most of the e-commerce development solutions. Shopify Plus gets plus points here as well. 

Access to the checkout is blocked in Shopify’s standard plans. But Shopify Plus allows you to customize the checkout experience for buyers on the portal. Administrators can customize and improve the checkout process. You can design it to add free products in the cart via discount codes, enable address auto-complete, and even allow buyers to use social logins.

Customizing the checkout procedure requires several years of experience. So, firms that do not have their in-house IT team should consider letting an e-commerce web development company take care of the customization. 

A dedicated success manager 

Every business may not have its in-house team of IT experts to handle SaaS platform issues. Thus, 24*7, prompt customer support is crucial. 

Enterprises with annual sales in the millions cannot afford to waste their time in scrolling through troubleshooting steps or spend time with chatbots. Fortunately, Shopify provides 24*7 customer service with even with its basic plan. Shopify Plus goes a step further by offering a Success Manager to every subscriber. You can call up the assigned person at any point with your queries. The individual can also assist you in aligning the platform’s features to your sales strategies with design modifications, and custom integrations. You can even ask the Success Manager to help you with insights from various markets that you wish to enter with an additional store clone. 

Enterprise merchants appreciate the priority support. If something goes wrong with the site during peak traffic hours, your dedicated executive will be just a call away. 

Unlimited staff accounts, lower transaction fees, and faster API calls are other impressive features associated with the Plus version. The framework is Level 1 PCI DSS compliant.

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