5 Challenges Faced In Database Development And Its Solutions

For businesses to remain competitive, leaders must maintain high service standards, and in today’s business environment, this means proper data management by implementing the best database development software. Skillful database development companies give businesses high visibility and enable them to make informed decisions to improve capabilities.

As business needs change and the focus on security increases, the landscape of data storage and analytics options is growing more complex.

We look at the challenges that database development companies face regularly and some of the current database trends and applications that help overcome these challenges. 


1. Safety & Security

Statistics indicate that over the last two years, more than 100,000 systems have been compromised as a result of their data being exposed publicly on the internet. Organizations must invest in the safety and security of data by reinforcing critical infrastructure that protects sensitive data, for which they can collaborate with a professional database services company. 

The need of the hour is security features that can be assembled swiftly to immediately notify users about a possible breach as any delay in detection could be catastrophic. Critical data in the hands of harmful third parties is a big liability for enterprises especially when clients trust them with their data and expect them to take all necessary measures to ensure it stays protected. 

Business heads can choose between using the database’s built-in security measures or implementing those that the organization is using. They can also opt to implement both to ensure higher levels of security.

Some of the best database development softwares provide ACID (atomicity, consistency, isolation and durability) guarantees as well as smooth performance.


2. Integration

With increasing operational capabilities, businesses have to consistently provide for proportionate increments in online database software capacities as well as offline ones. Enterprises that run omnichannel operations must ensure that data from all sources are stored in a single to have a single instance of truth. 

This gives teams real-time access to all business aspects and enables informed decisions. This can be achieved by implementing specific software. 


3. Manage Large Database Footprints

Organizations now have to manage more complex portfolios that include cloud as well as on-premise databases. As per statistics, the number of organizations that have 50-1,000 database servers has grown, while those with smaller footprints have reduced indicating a generally upward trend for organizations’ need for higher database solutions. 

This growth has resulted in an increase in the workloads of database administrators, which has led to a demand for database experts. 


4. Performance

Maintaining and consistently improving performance is a critical area that can make or break an organization’s success. More than 25% of database experts reckoned that performance is the biggest threat to operational success and chose this over quick scalability and possible security threats.

The amount of data that businesses deal with witnesses a constant upward trend and satisfying clients requires faster speeds. This is why businesses must identify a critical aspect of developing databases that ensure high performance. 


5. Availability

Enterprises must employ data clusters with multiple servers and numerous levels of backup. For sectors such as e-commerce in which a single minute of downtime can result in immeasurable losses, this is a critical aspect to be taken into account. 

This is where a distributed database with automatic assignment becomes critical so that when a specific node task goes down, the task is automatically assigned to another node. An ideal database network offers constant availability to sustain performance. 


Smart Sight Innovations has extensive experience with the best online database softwares that ensures smooth operational efficiency for your business.

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