Why AngularJS Is the Best Option for Web Development

Why AngularJS Is the Best Option for Web DevelopmentThe digital platform is witnessing more unique developments than ever before. If you are a startup or an established business striving to build an effective digital presence, you must understand what technology you need to build a robust application with state-of-the-art features. Angular still asserts its dominance in front-end JavaScript frameworks. The AngularJS web development benefits can work in your favor too.


What is AngularJS?

AngularJS is an open-source web application framework developed in 2008-2009 by Misko Hevery and Adam Abrons and is now maintained by Google.  

AngularJS is a framework structured for dynamic web applications. It lets you use HTML as your template language and lets you extend the HTML syntax to express your application components clearly and concisely. 

Its data binding and dependency injection eliminate most of the code you write. Since  it all takes place within the browser, it is an ideal partner with any server technology.


Features of AngularJS

AngularJS takes an approach that attempts to minimize the restraining mismatch between document-centric HTML and what an application needs by creating new HTML constructs. It teaches the browser new syntax through directives. The general features of AngularJS are as follows:  

  • AngularJS is open source, free, and supports multiple platforms.
  • AngularJS is an efficient framework that can create Rich Internet Applications (RIA).
  • AngularJS provides developers the options for writing client-side applications using JavaScript in a clean Model View Controller (MVC) way.
  • Applications written in AngularJS are cross-browser compliant and automatically handle the appropriate JavaScript code for each browser.
  • It expands the HTML attributes with Directives and binds the data to HTML and you can distribute it as a JavaScript file. You can add it to a web page with the <script> tag. 
  • It lets you extend the HTML vocabulary for applications. HTML is useful for static documents that do not change.
  • AngularJS has a directory of filters that provides developers with several filters such as number, currency, uppercase and date.


AngularJS web application development benefits 

After a basic understanding of Angular and its features, knowing how it empowers businesses with an excellent choice of development projects can guide you right. Reasons for choosing the Angular framework for web development include: 

Easy and simple to learn

Based on JavaScript’s TypeScript programming language, people with basic JavaScript, HTML and CSS knowledge can easily learn the Angular framework. Simple to learn, it provides opportunities for developers to get involved in web development projects. 

Many Angular features help developers write more concise code and build their projects while reducing the risk of unnecessary delays in the launch and increasing development costs. 

In addition, consistent coding can make your site easier to use and allows developers to use templates and predefined code snippets.


Simplified MVC (Model-View-Controller) pattern

The Angular framework comes with a native MVC software architectural setup. Hence, it becomes easier for you to work on web apps. Letting developers split the app into different MVC components and create a code that can further be unified, Angular separates the model from the view and takes care of all the data binding. 

App development can be complex, but Angular is a top framework choice as it eliminates the need for redundant code. It adopts simple MVC architecture, which simplifies code writing. It is a priority for large projects as it makes the development process and app testing a lot easier.


Simplified testing and readability

The Angular framework is based on components that all start in the same style, therefore, all components are small interface elements independent of each other and provide you with several benefits including:


  • Simple testing

Being independent of each other, components make unit testing much easier, faster and hassle-free.


  • Better code readability

Consistency in coding makes code reading far easier for new developers on an ongoing project. Overall, it increases the productivity and development efficiency of the app project.


Automatic sync with two-way data binding

Other frameworks provide one-way data binding. But Angular framework provides two-way data binding which automatically updates the view when the data in the model changes and vice versa. 

If you hire a web developer, you may not need to worry about keeping track of all the variables as Angular will take care of them automatically. Models and views are automatically updated in real-time whenever data is changed or modified. 

It is a feature that makes Angular a great choice for building large applications as two-way data binding reduces the need to manually manage the state of all your variables and improves development efficiency.


Improved app performance with faster loading

An excellent web page is expected to load within 3 seconds and reputed web pages load in less than 2 seconds. What matters is what components you are using in the app and the technology you are using to build it. 

From an app owner’s point of view, they always focus on app performance, and Angular is built with app performance in mind. 

Fast and efficient features make it a great choice for high-traffic and public-facing websites. Furthermore, Angular’s performance optimization makes it a perfect choice for developers.


Default IVY renderer

The IVY renderer feature was introduced with Angular 6 in 2018. It has a highly optimized bundle size and fast component loading. This feature automatically translates application templates and components into JavaScript code. 

Furthermore, with Ivy renderer, enterprises can enjoy excellent code debugging and a user-friendly app experience. 

This feature makes Angular more accessible and sets an example by reducing file size. Hence, this framework appears to be a feature-rich platform for app development.


Bug fixing and enterprise-level testing

Thousands of options are available every day in this digital age. You don’t want to be stuck on a web app or site that has bugs. Whether you are a startup or a leading enterprise, app performance is a priority when it comes to developing robust solutions. 

Angular has enterprise-level testing features that make it a good choice for large but high-performance projects. With the latest Angular framework version, developers can resolve issues in the compiler, fix bugs, and more. All they have to do is follow a single command to fix the bugs. 

AngularJS is a worthy decision for developing interactive web pages, especially when you are dealing with deadlines or when you need to market your app rapidly.


Google and community support

AngularJS is developed by Google and is maintained by dedicated Google developers. The framework enjoys wide community support. If you need suggestions or get stuck in some technical issues, there are many forums to solve your queries. 

With Google’s support, Angular is recognized as the most reliable and helpful framework for app developers. Google’s web toolkits allow developers to create unique and user-friendly web pages that add value to the business. 

Community support from the frontend and backend development team helps with improvements or fixes.


Supports single-page applications

A single-page application (SPA) is a web app that is presented to the user via an HTML page to be more responsive and more closely replicate a desktop application or native app. A SPA is sometimes referred to as a single-page interface (SPI). 

AngularJS supports many SPA features and this leads to highly productive results. It simplifies the development and management process of online forms for the developer’s community. 

Some examples of single-page applications are Gmail, Google Maps, Airbnb, Netflix, Pinterest and PayPal.


Summing it up

Now you know in detail why the Angular framework is immensely popular in the coding world. With its great features, Angular could be a perfect framework option in the future. 

By hiring a web app development company, you can take advantage of the features and compatibility of this framework and create a responsive web page of unmatched quality. 

Web development using Angular to build enterprise-level apps can be a smart decision, especially for client-side applications to create high-performance, large-scale and easy-to-maintain applications in a short time.

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