Here’s how CRM plays a crucial role in automating sales processes

These days, almost every CRM offers essential marketing, sales, and email automation features. But, firms can save a significant amount of money and time by including even more advanced automation functions in the CRM system. Here’re five CRM features that can prove to be a lifesaver for the sales team. 

CRMs Help In Lead Management 

Some sales firms use a dedicated lead management system that stores data for leads gathered from various sources in one place. It helps in tracking the prospect’s interests, online activities, and helps the sales force in keeping their approach relevant. These days, several of the lead management system’s features overlap those offered by the advanced CRM. Thus, there is no need to use multiple software solutions, unless of course, the company’s interaction with the consumer ends after closing the sale. 

Besides managing consumer journey from capturing to conversion, consumer relationship management software helps in retention, upselling as well.  

CRM Lead-nurturing Automation 

79% of marketing leads never convert into sales. Lack of lead nurturing is the common cause of this poor performance, more than 50 percent of the nurtured ones prove to be sales-ready leads. Nurtured leads also make larger purchases. Thus, the process is crucial. 

Primary lead nurturing procedures like drip emails and follow-ups should be automated. Consumer relationship management systems with advanced features can sort out leads based on how they respond to drip emails. It tags prospects in different brackets based on their web page visits, preferences, online shopping pattern, and overall online behavior. 

Further, it also records the marketing and sales metrics for leads and passed to the sales team. 

Calling And Post-call Automation Is A Must 

Thanks to the in-built call automation feature, users do not need to import contacts from the database into the CRM. There is no need to select and install separate dialing software either. The built-in dialer can be programmed to outcall on the selected list of contacts as well.  

Every CRM integrates with VOIP-Voice Over Internet Protocol. But advanced ones go one step further and offer call recording, one-click calling, automatic notes, automated confirmation, and follow-up emails, as well as direct reporting on regular calls.

The sales team can offer better results if they spend more time interacting with prospects and lesser minutes on completing post-call procedures. Unfortunately, most of the reps end up spending equal time on both. 

Getting a customer’s commitment to buy something is not the end of the job for sales representatives. Instead, it is the beginning of the procedure. Several small tasks need to be completed before closing the sale. 

Addressing legal issues, reading mandatory disclaimers, filling lengthy forms are vital, yet time-consuming procedures that a representative needs to complete. 

Thankfully, advanced customer relationship management systems with post call automation features can automatically log the call, enter notes, generate and send an order confirmation code on the consumer’s mobile number. Most of the customer relationship management systems are designed to take the unnecessary burden off the employee’s shoulder. Thus, the sales team can focus on resolving customer pain points, and closing leads rather than writing detailed notes and filling forms or reading disclaimers. 

Any firm that offers custom CRM development services can help in upgrading the existing customer relationship system into an advanced one. 

Drafting Proposals 

The customer relationship management system integrates with ClientPoint, PandaDoc, and other tools that can draft a unique proposal for every prospect/customer. Critical details like customer name, account number, product information, and prices are automatically entered in the proposal email. Such emails can be sent automatically, or an internal workflow can be set up to ensure the manager reviews them.

Sending Contract Documents Automatically 

Sending product/service related document(s) to consumers is mandatory by law in several countries. The customer needs to revert with a written acknowledgment in case of a hard copy. Thus, sales reps need to complete the process of sending documents in the right stage for ensuring the customer receives them within the legally stated duration. 

The consumer relationship management systems play a crucial role by automatically raising work orders to send a hard copy of the contract document. The system also emails the same to the consumer and sends a text confirmation.  The feature not only saves time but also helps in ensuring compliance with legal procedures. 

Failing to comply with sales procedures has cost a fortune to several small and large brands around the world. An advanced consumer relationship system with sales automation features can surely prove to be an excellent tool for both customer service and sales teams.

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