Why Your Marketing Automation Platform’s Integration With CRM is Crucial?

A marketer needs access to end to end marketing insights and automation. Unfortunately, most of the CRMs fail to offer the same. But when combined with marketing automation solutions, the same customer relationship management system can help marketers with better control and visibility in the lead generation process. Let’s take a look at the benefits that the integration of both systems can offer. 

Adopting A Unified Approach 

Using different solutions for tracking and analyzing data sets make these tasks difficult. On the other hand, using single software for customer relationship and marketing can considerably curb data management issues faced while using multiple solutions.

A unified approach in the form of a single platform after integration ensures executives from various departments can get quick access to customer data like call center interactions, emails, online complaints and queries highlighted in the past. The combination also helps in dividing the data based on the client’s business, field, region, or as per the name of the managers servicing the client. 

The integration between marketing automation and customer relationship systems helps in sharing information, creating support, and ensuring effective communication between different teams.

Centrally stored, well-organized data makes editing, viewing, and analyzing super-efficient. A single page for transaction history makes sure everyone from the organization remains on the same page.  

The Sales Team Can Benefit Due To The Visibility Into Consumer Behaviors

Marketing automation tools help sales reps in capturing data related to the online behavior displayed by the target audience. Advanced social CRMs help in detecting responses from the consumers for the firm’s marketing campaigns, as well. 

Integrating both the systems can enable your sales team to better understanding the target’s interests, previous actions. Such data helps them in remaining better prepared for their conversations during calls and while drafting emails.

Better Up-selling And Cross-selling Opportunities 

The marketing automation platform’s integration with CRM also helps in up-selling and cross-selling. Consumer’s transaction history in the CRM can be analyzed quickly to highlight the opportunities. Product recommendations can be made whenever the customer visits the website to browse products, uses chat-bots, or contacts the call center. 

The CRM system monitors the customer’s activity on the website to check the products that he or she has browsed. Then, it automatically generates pop-ups with details of relevant products for keeping the visitor interested. Details for such accurate leads are transferred to the marketing and sales teams for further action. Such CRM and marketing automation integration can help in turning leads into clients at the right time without investing resources.

Besides Amazon, several small and large e-commerce stores use such automation to achieve their sales goals. 

Targeting Potentially Loyal Consumers 

Every organization aims at turning potentially loyal customers into loyal ones. Spending marketing resources on customers who are already loyal can result in a waste of time and money. Accurate leads are the need of the hour, and this is where CRM plus marketing automation integration plays a life-saver. It helps in segmenting the client database for finding leads that can turn into a sale with appropriate attention.

The system can even be programmed to set alerts for sales managers so that they can target the potential clients at the right time, according to their existing product’s lifecycle. 

Revitalizing Inactive Leads To Re-Engage Them

A lead marked as uninterested in a particular product this month does not mean they won’t buy anything else during the next quarter. Thus, the organization’s marketing team needs to make sure such inactive leads keep hearing from the firm from time to time. Automation can help in dropping informative emails to such cold leads as an attempt to re-engage them.

Social CRM can help in tracking activities that indicate renewed interest. Its integration with marketing automation enables the system to automatically send personalized emails that are relevant to the customer’s browsing or search activity.

Sales Qualified Leads Can Help In Prioritizing Leads As Per Recorded Activities

Lead is nothing less than a potential consumer. The effectiveness of any firm’s marketing strategy and managers’ performance is judged according to the leads’ conversion percentage.

As per data released by Gleanster Research, roughly only 25 percent out of the total leads passed to sales by various departments prove to be legitimate. Another study conducted by MarketingSherpa on similar topics pointed out that due to the lack of lead nurturing, 79 percent of the sales leads fail to convert.

CRM enables sales and marketing teams to manage and work on a large number of leads at a time resulting in more significant. System integration can help with lead nurturing. Thus, only sales qualified leads (SQLs) are passed to the sales and marketing teams to save time. 

Can this help? A study conducted by the Forrester Research recently highlighted that lead nurturing can result in a 50 percent increase when it comes to sales-ready leads. It saves 33 percent of the resources and operating costs for the sales team. 

Makes Teams More Accountable 

System integration also ensures better communication between multiple teams in the organization. The management gets the tools to monitor the overall leads forwarded to sales by the marketing and customer service teams. So, it ensures equal accountability for all. 

Marketing teams get an insight into how their leads have scored at a later stage and gauge the overall ROI for various campaigns run by them. The data helps them in ensuring they pass on the most qualified leads.

Generating Extensive Reports For Sales And Marketing Activities 

CRM and marketing automation integration also automatically helps the management in tracking every employee’s performance. 

Detailed reports can be generated for activities performed along with information for planned future follow-ups. Besides checking performance as well as auditing, it also helps in fixing mistakes and fine-tuning marketing strategies for more significant sales in the future. 

Improving productivity also means better paycheck and commission for sales representatives in the organization. 

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