How Can CRM Systems Contribute To The Growth Of Small And Midsize Businesses?

Small and midsize businesses also play a crucial role in the functioning of any country’s economy. Until the last decade, such firms often restricted themselves from using customer relationship management (CRM) software due to financial constraints. Thanks to advanced cloud-based, customizable CRM solutions, even SMBs can afford them. Here’s how customer relationship management systems are changing the way these businesses run. 

Advanced Solutions Without Upgrading IT Infrastructure 

Gone are the days when CRM meant big server room, and DoS based software that could be accessed only via the company’s desktop PCs. These days, consumer relationship systems are cloud-based, and can also be accessed via a mobile device. The organization’s data remains safe in secured cloud databases. Sharing CRM data remains easy; there is no need to upgrade your firm’s IT infrastructure. 

Social CRM Can Help SMBs Get An Extra Edge 

Usual CRMs focus on collecting consumer data from previous interactions, emails, web forms, etc. Besides these functions, the new social CRMs also focus on gathering customer data from social media interactions. 

Most importantly, SCRM enables firms to track positive/negative conversations as well as social mentions about the firm. It integrates with many analytical tools for offering great insight into consumer’s online shopping behavior. Such stats can help in predicting future trends about products or services that might generate demand. They also help in understanding customer/prospect’s concerns. 

Some consumers do not believe in filing complaints; they appreciate tweeting and sharing their experience with the world. Thanks to affordable SCRM solutions, social media teams working for small firms can track such customers and offer a solution proactively. It can lead to increased customer satisfaction, and of course, more business. 

Keeping negative comments unattended on social media is undoubtedly not a good idea. Negative social media image is one of the factors affecting the growth of small and medium enterprises.

Connecting With Consumers Using Social Media Channels

Delay in offering a response to consumer’s concerns can prove to be a good reason for him or her to move towards the competitors. It can hurt the growth of small and medium enterprises even more compared to a large one. 

Keeping in touch with consumers and offering customer service via Facebook Messenger, Twitter DMs, and WhatsApp is crucial for every small and large firm. Now, even small businesses can use social CRM and keep track of their customer or prospect’s grievances on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

Mobile CRM For Small Business

The world is witnessing the rise of BYOD – Bring Your Own Device culture in various sectors. Studies have pointed out that a considerable percentage of the workforce believes that using their personal devices for official work can improve their productivity. 

Employees do not prefer to confine themselves to their office workstation these days. In some cases, their job profile does not allow them to do so. Customer relationship systems that can be accessed via many devices offer flexibility and ensure working remotely does not affect the worker’s performance. 

For catering to the needs of the fast-moving society, CRM solutions have entered the smart-phone space as well. The features have proved to be a life-saver for sales and other on-field executives. Even CRM as a service solution can be accessed via many devices like desktop, laptop, android/iOS phones, and tablet PCs. Data is synced within seconds with the help of simple internet connectivity. 

According to the results of a study conducted by Nuclear Research, firms that adopted mobile CRM solutions for the workforce witnessed a 14.6% improvement in their productivity due to the benefits of mobile CRM software. Sales representatives working for small firms can turn more productive by updating client interaction records while on the move. 

Access to SCRM 24*7 via mobile devices proves to be of great help for social media and digital marketing campaign managers as well. 

CRM Ensures Better Collaboration Between Teams Working From Various Locations 

No matter if it’s sales, marketing, customer service, or social media marketing team, CRM serves as a universal solution for all. It also improves coordination between professionals working in various departments of the organization.

Small and midsize firms often prefer outsourcing some tasks to third-parties. Limited access to the CRM data can be granted to overseas teams working for the company. No matter if it’s the customer care executive at a third-party call center or the firm’s in-house sales rep, everyone remains on the same page. 

CRM’s Crucial Role In Sales 

May it is lead-nurturing automation, lead management, email automation, or calling and post-call procedures automation, CRM plays a critical role in automating sales processes. It also ensures the sales executive complies with sales policies and procedures applicable in the country. 

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