How Is IoT Technology Aiding In Public Safety Efforts?

Digital transformation’s seismic effect is visible in almost all industries these days. When it comes to the top five disruptive innovations, the Internet of Things technology tops the list. The technology connects gadgets, as well as physical objects (laden with sensors) to the internet. It enables machines to receive, store, and communicate information with one another without human interference.

From road safety, healthcare, finance and accounting, manufacturing, to home security solutions, the technology is aiding almost every sector. IoT development services are in high demand these days due to their use in a variety of industries. 

Improved Situational Awareness With Public Warning Systems 

Several governments and private organizations, including the European Telecommunications Standards, have pointed out that the Internet of Things technology has a great potential in helping authorities to manage public safety during emergencies. In 2017, Parsons Corp. used a radio-frequency identification fob connected to the vests or hard hats of its craftsmen to monitor worker-machine interactions

In the case of natural disasters, fire incidents, or hazardous material leak/spill, several government agencies around the world use IoT in Public Safety. These smart units automatically get connected with billboards, road displays, bus stop displays, and even vehicle infotainment systems and send alerts to the public concerning the incident affected areas. Such accurate and timely information helps citizens to remain well-informed and away from trouble. 

IoT devices ensure that such information is communicated to the people with visual and hearing disabilities with the help of special sign-boards and public announcement systems (closed captioning displays, etc.).

People can also use smart public warning systems for checking the video feeds from the affected areas, roads, bridges, etc. to know which ways to avoid using while traveling. 

During emergencies, IoT powered doors of subway systems, buses, and public places can be programmed to open automatically for allowing the public to escape easily during fire incidents or earthquakes. 

(Source: Transparency Market Research)

IoT Network Of Sensors Helps In Improving Driver Safety 

Factors like heavy rain, ice, sun glare, and fog reduce roadway visibility and make driving difficult. IoT devices are helping in improving driver safety even during rough weather conditions. 

When it comes to recently developed advanced devices for road safety, Cisco’s network of fog censors deserves a special mention. The system of sensors helps in highlighting gray areas along roadways in Tennessee. 

 Once collected by roadside sensors, the up-to-date readings about the severity of local weather are transmitted to a central Regional Traffic Center. It enables officials to make decisions for taking appropriate action in the area for ensuring driver safety. 

Collision Avoidance System Helps In Reducing Vehicle Collision And Crash Cases

The blind-spot detection systems, curve speed warning system, backover prevention, and park assist solutions have become common. Even these basic systems use sensors and cameras for retrieving data. 

The automobile sector keeps on integrating sophisticated technology in the vehicle design for reducing crashes and related fatalities. The Internet of Things technology has helped in taking these safety features to a new level. 

The forward collision avoidance system consisting of LIDAR, RADAR, cameras, and other sensors immediately alerts the driver when the car gets exceptionally close to the vehicle in front of it. Besides warning signs and alerts, the system can also be programmed to reduce the speed of the car for reducing the effect of the collision. 

Some cars are also equipped with forward-mounted sensors that slow down the vehicle in heavy traffic for ensuring there is always a sufficient distance between the two cars. The system accelerates the speed when the traffic starts moving. 

Another smart vehicle system that deserves a special mention is the lane departure warning system that alerts the driver if the vehicle starts moving out of the lane. Besides visual warnings, the smart system also uses steering and seat vibrations for informing the driver about the error. Some cars also have software that applies the brake or adjust steering controls to ensure the vehicle remains in its lane. 

Role of IoT In The Healthcare Sector 

A lot is being discussed about IoT’s role in enhancing safety security systems, automobiles, and manufacturing. But, there is little awareness of technology’s role in the health care sector. 

The Internet of Things technology-powered advanced tools play a crucial role in reducing waiting room times, tracking patients, ensuring the availability of the critical hardware, and enhancing drug manufacturing/management. 

Pressure sensors present in the specially designed `smart’ hospital bed ensure the mattress redistributes the force in various parts to make sure the patient does not develop pressure ulcers due to spending too much time on the bed. 

AI-powered sensors check the patient’s viral stats like respiratory rate, heart rate, blood pressure, and send an alert to nurses if something critical is detected. 

Patient records, health charts get updated. The technology helps hospitals to offer the best care even with the least staff as there is no need for nurses to take readings. Put, IoT tools provide increased access to life-saving patient data. 

IoT Technology Smart Emergency Response System For Fire Response

Case studies have pointed out that most of the residential fires are triggered due to faulty or damaged electrical and heating equipment. Machines often overheat or malfunction due to lack of maintenance. 

Smoke detectors and sensor-controlled sprinklers have been ‘smart’ for decades. The Internet of Things technology has further enhanced these systems and enabled them to detect possible problems that can trigger fires. 

The network of sensors can check various types of equipment and their heat signatures for ensuring they do not exceed the safety norms. In case of unexpected temperature hike in electrical and heating equipment anywhere on office or home premises, the system can automatically close the concerned machine and book technicians for preventive maintenance. Such systems can reduce fire incidents and ensure the equipment does not get damaged due to overheating.  

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