What To Know About Enterprise Mobile App Development

What To Know About Enterprise Mobile App DevelopmentRecent research suggests almost 80% of the world’s population has access to a mobile device, which consumers use to connect, educate, get entertained, and receive guidance. But the benefits and applications of mobile devices are not only limited to the consumer sphere — they can fulfill several roles in enterprises as well. A few benefits of developing mobile apps include:

  • Increasing the organization’s revenue
  • Encouraging repeat purchases
  • A more cost-effective way to go about marketing your product compared to traditional methods
  • Enhances customer experience
  • Broadens market coverage to give organizations an edge over their competitors


What Is an Enterprise Mobile App?

Many organizations utilize mobile apps to keep track of all projects for both clients and employees and find ways to reduce time and expenses. One way to accomplish this objective is by incorporating enterprise mobile app development. It is a process of creating and building sustainable and trusted mobile apps to help companies facilitate their tasks. These apps not only help businesses digitize quickly but also build stronger brands for improved communication with staff, clients and investors.

Enterprise mobile apps are often used by the organization’s employees to streamline corporate processes. These apps require greater consistency across all platforms and devices than consumer apps do because any mistake could result in significant financial loss for the business. McDonald’s, Volkswagen, Ikea, Starbucks and Nivea are some businesses that have their own enterprise mobile apps.


Types of Enterprise Mobile App Development


  • Employee level

These apps are made for internal purposes only. For instance, it helps top executives to keep track of projects without delays or issues. Employee-level apps allow team members to swiftly check all the important information in one place.


  • Department level

These apps help particular departments, such as the financial or marketing teams. It helps in maximizing internal operations and keeps communication open with staff members for feedback.


  • Company level

These apps help in connecting all the departments in the company and bringing them into a single network. The staff can always be in touch with their seniors and have access to corporate documents and downloads (depending on their position and role).


Benefits of Enterprise Mobile App Development

Teaming up with an enterprise development firm to create a custom mobile app for your business has several advantages. It makes managing transactions easier, reduces paperwork for certain mundane processes, centralizes data management, improves supply chain management, and streamlines onboarding processes such as that involved with new employees.

These benefits just skim the surface of what’s possible with an enterprise mobile application. Organizations can access deeper and more profound benefits of enterprise mobile applications by partnering with a renowned mobile app development company.


Things To Consider While Selecting a Platform for Developing Enterprise Mobile Apps

When developing software specifically for your company’s requirements you need to begin by selecting an enterprise mobile application platform. Following are some recommendations on what to consider while selecting a platform.


  • Real-time updates

One very essential feature is that the technology should be able to receive status updates on the development process. The last thing you want is to waste time or money without knowing where the development is headed. 


  • Security 

Every firm in the modern digital age must keep up with innovation to succeed. Investing in powerful technical solutions such as enterprise mobile application development is the best course of action. Organizations today must centrally manage endpoints and security, keep their IT staff productive, provide seamless user experiences and minimize cyber threats. Businesses are under pressure to use mobile security solutions as critical organizational information may be vulnerable to external threats when employees use an enterprise mobile app. Thus securing and encrypting your app is paramount. 

The software vendors you do business with should adhere to the most recent security regulations. Some methods to improve app security include controlling authentication using a two-phase or multiphase authentication, authorization-based access, protected key storage, secure network connections, encryption of all data, preventing data leakage, and maintaining appropriate security standards and regulations related to the technology being used.


  • Grow organically

Developing an enterprise mobile app will need some time and technical knowledge. Identifying your objectives and looking for a solution that will help you get there quickly is the best way to proceed in this circumstance.


  • Simple implementation

It is likely that your business already has a system that runs your daily operations. Your company infrastructure must be able to readily accommodate your new mobile app without causing any disturbance to your day-to-day functioning. A flexible application program interface (API) enabling quick mobile app connection with your current business processes is essential. 


  • App management

To manage your app, you must completely understand the variety of available options. It is crucial to keep track of an app’s performance and give users easy access to control options. Tracking your performance allows you to easily find areas that require improvement in the future. 


Tools That Can Help Develop Enterprise Mobile Apps

Some tools that can be used to develop enterprise mobile apps:


  • Kony

This helps in creating JavaScript tools that can be used on all platforms. The tool supports numerous functions such as customer reporting, pre-built apps and API management.


  • SAP

This platform-specific tool enables the creation of an app using a single HTML5 codebase.


  • Xamarin

A program that enables the creation of C# apps, it has an interface development tool that allows code sharing and lets users add components right from the interface.


  • Alpha

This tool helps save time compared to conventional coding by having a development environment.


  • Sencha

A strong and adaptable HTML5 framework that makes it possible to create apps that perform just like native apps.


Challenges of Enterprise Mobile App Development 

As technology has emerged as a key instrument to boost an organization’s performance, the market for enterprise software development has been expanding rapidly. However, when a business attempts to create its technology it may encounter many difficulties. Below are some challenges while creating an enterprise mobile app.


  • Approach to API 

It is challenging to create API designs that are a combination of security and provide excellent customer satisfaction and experience. The API is an enterprise software that should have high-security standards as it is associated with various business operations. 


  • Time and cost

Developing an enterprise mobile app may take time, especially if the strategy is unclear. 


  • Issues with connectivity 

An enterprise application requires strong interconnections between all of its systems. Connectivity standards are challenging to adhere to.


  • Changing technology

As technology is constantly developing, enterprise mobile apps may need some tweaks even after employees start using them as the organization strives to keep up with the changing technological landscape.


  • Managing big data

It can be difficult to manage big data efficiently, as it tends to slow down the response rate and involves network costs and storage costs.

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