Manage relationships on the run: Reasons to buy Mobile CRM in 2021

Until the last decade, the customer relationship management system remained stuck inside the office. Sales, customer service, and technical support executives often felt disconnected while on the field. They did not have immediate access to the data from the CRM systems. Fortunately, Mobile Customer Relationship Management System (MCRM), also referred to as cloud CRM, came to the rescue and simplified everything. These mobile software solutions are playing a bigger role during the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Workforce mobilization 

As per data available with Statista, 51.92 percent of the web traffic comes from mobile devices. People prefer using smartphones instead of desktops or laptops. They expect executives representing the firms to follow the same. 

Workforce mobilization is not just about providing mobile phones, tablet PCs, or laptops to employees who remain on the field throughout the day. Firms need to select the right productivity tools, and appropriate technologies for ensuring employees have the best user experience and gain out of the new work paradigm. Thus, companies need to make sure that applications like CRM can work with iOS and Android devices for the success of the mobile workforce. 

Helps in capturing accurate consumer records 

Mobile CRM users play a crucial role in data collection. It happens to be one of the core procedures and processes for businesses. Using MCRM is less intrusive, more collaborative. The system empowers employees and increases the effectiveness of the entire CRM ecosystem. 

MCRMs provide all the features of a consumer relationship system on smartphones, tablet PCs. The information can be accessed from anywhere at any time. Executives can update contact details, make notes, and submit proposals on behalf of consumers. Such field data helps managers to keep an eye on what is happening on the field. Resources can be allocated accordingly after analyzing valuable information. 

The best functionalities remain accessible on MCRM

There is no difference between functionalities provided by desktop or laptop-based CRM software and MCRM. The cloud-based system allows remote workers to use functions like calendar integration, click-to-call to join meetings, access, and update leads, contacts, and consumer information. Users can also access dashboards, open and share files, track, and respond to customer messages while on the go. 

Increases productivity of the field executives 

MCRMs can drastically increase the service technicians’ productivity. Automatic, location-based scheduling helps in routing closest and critical jobs to technicians. Professionals can reach the spot quickly and start the work without asking questions that the consumer has already answered during the previous interaction. 

Field technicians or executives do not need to spend time filling out forms. Such automation also increases customer satisfaction levels. 

Offline support and incremental updating options 

Most mobile consumer relationship management systems support real-time or auto-synchronization for application updates and CRM data.  There is no need for the user to wait until full data sets are downloaded. Auto-update delivery ensures seamless user-experience. 

Offline support makes sure MCRM remains available locally and executives can access information irrespective of whether they are connected to the internet or not. Field associates can edit, delete, or add new records even when they are offline. The data gets synchronized when the system gets connected to the internet.

Data security measures 

Customer-facing material, including CRM data and analytics, remains at the fingertips. So, data security gets high priority. Extensive security features, including VPN requirements and multi-factor authentication, ensure the system always remains secure. Firms constantly issue security updates that are downloaded and installed automatically in the MCRM. 

A reputed mobile app development company can also help in deploying additional security measures.  

MCRM’s role during the COVID-19 pandemic 

Earlier, only field technicians and sales executives needed access to the customer relationship system while on the go. However, the coronavirus crisis has changed the equation altogether. Now, no one can remain tied to the office desk. Associates need to access consumer information, schedules, and process the work orders raised in the CRMs even while at home. Thus, making the same accessible on smartphones has become crucial. 

Mobile devices give employees the freedom to work from wherever they feel most suitable. Irrespective of the platform, employees working in various departments can get access to the same amount of data. It creates a more collaborative attitude amongst team members. There are other benefits as well. Studies have proved that employees end up working extra while using their smartphones for official purposes.  

Closing sales deals with minimum interactions

Building relationships involves conducting multiple interactions with consumers. The inability to access the right information at the right time means losing a potential deal. Thus, approaching leads without proper information is a strict no.

Studies have already proved that sales reps with access to cloud CRM on their smartphone score better when it comes to achieving sales targets. Access to MCRM allows reps to offer the best possible options to prospects and close deals faster. The technology increases the executive’s earning potential. Plus, consumers feel more valued when they see the person working for them is well-aware of their previous interactions and association.

Beneficial for consumers 

The availability of MCRM is also beneficial for customers. The organization can ensure consumers always get the best service. 

Even while working from home during the lockdown, associates can perform procedures like organizing data, generating reports, performing data analysis, and managing schedules. Customer-facing executives get access to vital information, real-time updates. It enables them to provide reliable information to consumers quickly. 

The system can be integrated with ERP, Unified Communication solutions, and e-commerce frameworks as well. Any firm that offers Magento Mobile App development services can assist in integration.

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