Role of Big Data in Mobile App Development

According to a recent study, the number of smartphone users is expected to rise to 3.8 billion by the year 2021. This unprecedented spurt in smartphone users has also paved way for a similar growth trajectory of the application development industry. Mobile apps have no doubt improved the way people around the world use their smartphones, and the days when people use mobile devices only for calling or messaging are long gone.


Another interesting study tell us that as of today, each individual generates 1.7 MB of data every second! In order to leverage such massive amounts of data, big data solutions along with robust big data platforms are the need of the hour. Big data mobile app development would be an added feather in the cap of any mobile app development company worth their salt, as this would augment business operations of clients.  


Here, we look at how Big Data Mobile App Development impacts businesses.

  • Better Analytics 

Data helps app creators to better analyse the tendencies of end users. Constant attention to such analysis is immensely helpful for app creators to bring in better features that improve the app and also result in better user experience. The community of developers as a whole also benefit immensely from such endeavours by learning from each other and understanding the needs of the users before creating an app. 


  • Improved Execution

Big Data mobile app development empowers developers to get a better insight of their app traffic, which then allows them to examine different modules by scrutinizing the data at hand, which then help them fix these issues and bring in infinitesimal improvements. 


  • Planned Scaling 

Big Data allows developers to assess user needs, and address complications faced by them. This data can then be used to scale up user engagement and revenue by addressing such issues and implementing required features. One of the main benefits of big data analysis is to make sense of a massive amount of data in the shortest possible time, which is a perfect scenario for apps with a global customer base. Experience in Big Data mobile app development and Big Data integration will help organizations leverage the larger user base. 


  • Dynamic Marketing 

Purposeful market research leveraging big data is an increasingly prospering segment. Although expensive, it is burgeoning and is expected to become cheaper. Marketing through big data analysis will be an important aspect of big data mobile app development, that will help businesses reach end users directly. 

Big Data integration features like Predictive Analytics allows companies to predict the probable success of the mobile app and services such as data mitigation allow app development companies to connect data between multiple applications.


  • Improved Sales

At the end of the day, all businesses are judged by the bottom line and revenue, and if an app helps increase revenue, then that is the way to go. Big data encapsulates data from multiple regions, or even countries, and the more the data, the more insights businesses are primed to get. By understanding the purchasing patterns of users, businesses can choose to have an in-app purchase option in certain regions where online transactions are second nature for users, while in other regions, businesses will be better served closing the deal offline – information which can be achieved through data analysis. 

Big data also directs organizations to develop individual app settings based on user needs in different regions. This ultimately improves user engagement and increases app-performance.


  • Real Time Data

Users expect the best experience and businesses thrive when they keep user experience at the forefront of their business strategy. Organizations must invest in getting real time data to stay ahead of the curve, that helps business leaders make informed decisions to revamp processes where required and increase sales conversion ratios.



As has increasingly been the trend over the years, developers constantly have to achieve more in less time and provide services even quicker! To stay head of the competition will require instantaneous access to information that can then be proliferated to users immediately, which requires massive collaboration – collaboration that only Big Data can provide.

If you are looking to explore a Big Data platform or retain services that provide big data solutions, contact Smart Sight Innovations today for a free quote. 

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