The Future of Smartphone Application Development: 10 Trends for 2021

There are three and a half billion smartphone users across the world. India, China, and the United States are the countries that have conveniently crossed 100 million marks. The forecast shows that there could be an easy increase in this number to several hundred million in the coming years. With the increase in several smartphone users, the business relevance and advancement of Mobile App development solutions becomes inevitable. 

Ease of use by implementing the latest technology results in favourable advancements in mobile applications. We are already witnessing an unprecedented growth in the number of apps and the near future holds progressive developments in the areas of speed and efficiency of mobile applications. Let us look at a few possible trends in the year 2021.

  • Instant Mobile Applications:

There will be an incredible development in Mobile App Solutions. This trend will mean more convenience for users as well as businesses. Unlike actual mobile applications, there are expected to be temporary apps that can check the user acceptability factor. 

On the other hand, users can also test the product and then install the native version of it. It not only saves time but also device storage space, and the app can then be downloaded when the customer is inclined to use it in the long run. This is the fastest as well as the most productive model of application development. 

  • Augmented and Virtual Reality:

While many online shopping applications had developed Augmented and Virtual Reality, they were not deployed in a full-fledged manner. This feature can help customers get a complete understanding of the product in and out. In fact, Google has developed features for Google Maps to navigate routes using the smartphone camera, that too in real-time. 

  • BYOD Concept:

This is mostly utilized by companies to cut down on device purchase costs. This method of Mobile App development Solution enables employees to bring their own device to the office. To avoid security threats, there are apps that monitor the usage. Necessary security applications can be installed in these devices and the proceedings can be easily recorded and reviewed for any possible fraudulent activity.

  • Cross-Platform Mobile Applications:

This is a fast-emerging market trend which makes available users of apps on multiple platforms.  It can either be developed in a particular platform and deployed for many, or technology can be developed to make cross-platform mobile apps.

  • Cloud Computing Mobile Applications:

Instead of saving the data on personal devices, applications can be developed to save it in the cloud and can be retrieved as and when required. This shall not only make the user experience stronger but also improves analysis.

  • Improved Location-Based Services:

Although location based services are already something that many apps use to provide services, they are expected to develop newer features which will enable better precision in pinpointing location of users which will in turn enable services to track locations more accurately. 

  • Complete Gesture-Based Navigation:

As Apple has done in recent years, mobile app solutions rely deeply on gesture-based navigation and this will further improve personalization of phones and mobile applications and improve user experience, 

  • Increased and Improved Chatbots:

Customers these days prefer more interaction – even if it is with a bot – before purchasing, and currently there are only a handful of applications that have employed chatbots and even fewer that actually perform well. The year 2021 is expected to witness a sea change in this regard, with applications poised to employ chatbots that provide more meaningful interactions and support. 

  • IoT app development services:

Almost every business is turning towards IoT and IoT app development services shall take leverage of this. The use of home appliances using IoT has already begun and it shall spread its wings to other aspects of human life. Controlling anything using a handheld will be the future of Mobile App Development Solutions.

  • Artificial Intelligence:

Machines will be best friends to humans in the future, with 2021 expected to see a massive evolution of AI in the field of Mobile App Development Solutions, which will bridge the gap between the world of machines and humans and radically change the outlook of mobile applications. 


The future of mobile applications shall be focussed on user interaction and efficiency. It is already a known fact that a mobile app is faster than a web app and this advancement shall move further to human and machine interaction that can lessen the effort put by the user. 

After all, business owners will make mobile applications as easy as possible to improve customer footfall. The dependency on mobile applications has already started and advancement in technology is always appreciated. The amount of effort put on research is massive and is ideally based on user feasibility. 

Advanced real-time features are what people are looking for, and scientists have continued to push the boundaries and have never disappointed. Many types of businesses and many objectives emerge every day, and every business hopes to provide a technological solution to offer the best to the customer. Let us wait and watch what 2021 has in store for us!

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