The Impact of IoT on Mobile App Development

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly becoming an indispensable aspect of our lives, continuously contributing to our day-to-day experiences in myriad ways, with or without our knowledge. Typical IoT applications include drones, smart cars, smartwatches, human tissue appliances, and the smart home sector especially incorporates multiple devices and technologies to improve our lives. It is also pertinent to note that all these technologies require a mobile application to leverage the network.

With the continuous developments in IoT technology combined with the increased demand for connected devices, the cost involved in developing and maintaining such networks has decreased. A competent IoT app development company plays an important role by constantly pushing the boundaries of what this technology can offer to the masses.

How can the increased integration of IoT into mobile applications bring change?

The flow of information is two way – while the data and notifications from all the connected devices are collected in a smartphone app, the very same app can also help users control connected devices such as air conditioners, HVAC systems, television sets, lights, etc., even when the users are away from home, i.e., control the home appliances remotely. It lets you control different features of numerous gadgets and appliances depending on how it is designed and the purpose that it was built for.

These purpose-built apps are multidimensional and may include numerous features such as information on components (performance, stability etc.), analytics, as well as two-way communications with sensors embedded within appliances. With such diverse and sophisticated features, IoT app development is significantly more arduous as compared to regular app development. 

Here are a few aspects to note while developing an IoT application:

Need for increased security

The likelihood of information being stolen, and accounts being hacked have increased because of the information stored on the cloud and the excessive interconnectivity of devices. A large amount of highly sensitive and personal data that you would generally not share with others is at risk, if it falls into the wrong hands. 

With such protracted security concerns a reality in today’s world, IoT app development companies must ensure that their security protocols are very strong. Developers must build redundancies at every step to ensure impregnability of data and incorporate multiple layers of data encryption and protection.


Specific design requirement

While developing a mobile application, an IoT app development company needs to ensure that it does not occupy too much space on the device while optimizing it for all screen sizes.

The additional components that an IoT app is expected to support make it imperative that the app design is top notch. The device that the IoT app is installed on can be connected to various other devices using different platforms like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, etc., and hence the app must support multiple connectivity options.


Enterprise apps on the rise

Intelligent application of IoT benefits businesses immensely, and therefore, the demand for enterprise applications is high. Organizations tend to connect all electronic devices in the workspace which reduces the manual work of the personnel, thus contributing to employee productivity and output, while also regulating downtime and conducting regular maintenance of office equipment. Such safe practices will help businesses increase the longevity of their equipment.


Change in hardware

An increase in customers’ demand for connectivity leads to an increase in demand for software and hardware.  This gap can be bridged by mobile network service providers positioning the latest smartphones with supporting sensors. There is always a chance of malfunction with new technology; therefore, it is advisable for companies to team up with warranty service providers to protect their customers.


Changes in infrastructure

Data consumption and application usage have witnessed a steady increase, which has led to the need for faster Wi-Fi and cellular mobile network speeds. With new apps coming into the market every day, cloud performance is also important. Service providers need to make sure that their service is on par with the network’s increased usage.


Customer awareness marketing

Organizations are already using data to understand their customer’s choices and preferences to predict their behaviour. With the help of IoT applications, they can get real time access to customer tendencies to better understand their requirements. It will help companies make the necessary changes to their products and services and market them accordingly. Businesses will be able to provide more personalized and meaningful experiences to their customers.


Increased convenience

An efficient app makes lives easier for all concerned as devices can interact better amongst each other and automating tasks also becomes simpler.


Change in focus

Earlier, the major focus for apps was on UX, which was supposed to be user-friendly, but now it has become increasingly important for the apps to be built in such a way to support easy integration with sensors and other connected devices.


Need for specialized skills

Skilled developers can make a world of a difference to IoT applications as they are unique and complex. To implement the technology wisely, IoT app developers need to have all the required skill sets and must constantly upgrade their skill sets.


Need for adaptability

In the not-so-distant future, more and more mobile applications will be required and will need to support IoT and connected devices. Very soon, the applications that do not support IoT might get rejected, which makes it imperative for developers to build applications that can adapt.


Concluding note

IoT in mobile app development will not only become a very important technology but is expected to become a necessity for different industry verticals. With the high level of skills and expertise required to develop IoT apps, organizations will be well served to retain the services of an established IoT app development company. 


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