Vue.js and React js: Which one is a better option for Developing Custom Applications

Today, every application development company, whether big or small, is focused on creating the best web solutions within a short span of time. To execute this, it is imperative that developers choose the best tools available to them – Vue.js and React.js being the most popular tools preferred by many developers.

This post will give you an understanding of which tool suits your unique needs by providing relevant comparisons across multiple aspects that are both generic in nature as well as technical. Both tools have mature communities, are popular and command huge support, which is why they are suggested by most custom mobile app development companies.

What is ReactJS and why is it popular?

React.JS is an open-source JavaScript library that is designed by Facebook for rich and better engagement with maximum efficiency and minimal coding. ReactJS’s major aim is to provide the best possible performance. Its strengths lie in its individual components, rather than working on the entire web app, which allows developers to break down the structured UI into simpler components.

What are the uses of ReactJS?

Before ReactJS, many developers were required to spend a significant amount of time on coding. Developers using other frameworks were forced to work on a majority of the code even when they were crafting components that had very few changes. What these developers required was a framework that would allow them to break down all the structured and complex components and reuse the codes to complete their projects faster.

That is exactly where ReactJS comes into the picture. It uses a special syntax that allows HTML quotes, in addition to HTML tag syntax application in order to represent certain subdivisions and components. This became a helpful step in the promotions for the generation of machine-readable codes and in compounding components into a single-time verifiable file.

Having its first release in 2013, ReactJS has now become popular because of its simple and flexible process, with many developers referring to it as the future of custom mobile app development. It is estimated that more than 1,000 developers and 94,000 sites utilize ReactJS.

A major part of this reputation of ReactJS comes from the very fact that numerous organizations like Facebook, Instagram and Airbnb use ReactJS to sort and solve glitches pertaining to user interaction. This kind of credibility has helped ReactJS attract developers.

What is Vue.js and why is it popular?

Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that has various optional tools for user interfaces. Lately, it has been preferred by many custom mobile app development agencies for multiple reasons. The success of any JavaScript framework has always been dependent on its size. The smaller the size, the better it is for the developer and the more it will be used. Hence, the biggest advantage for Vue.Js was its size as its framework is just 18-21KB and it takes just a fraction of a second to get it up and running.

Another reason for the popularity of this framework is that it can be easily comprehended. Vue.Js is easy and convenient to understand and can be added to the user’s web project because of its simple backend. It is convenient for small enterprises and huge businesses alike for making templates that saves time for any custom mobile app development company.

Vue.js also gained popularity among web developers as it gives them the freedom and the facility to experiment with all existing applications. This is possible since Vue.js is established on the JavaScript framework and can work and integrate additional applications that are made on JavaScript. Vue.js is extremely user-friendly and it allows all users and developers to use the system with elaborate information as it is remarkably simple. Documentation is easy as well, which allows anyone who possesses reasonable knowledge of JavaScript or HTML to develop their own application or web page.

Vue.js was launched in 2014 and ever since, has been one of the preferred choices as it not only has a simple process but is also big on saving time. 

Comparison based On performance between ReactJS and Vue.Js

Below are a few aspects of both frameworks that will give you a reasonable idea of what is best suited for your needs.


With regards to performance, the re-rendering feature is a significant differentiator between the two frameworks. ReactJS triggers the re-rendering of the entire component tree every time the component’s state is changed, however, Vue.js offers an optimized re-rendering where the system keeps an overall track on the number of dependencies in mobile app development services.

Building Tools:

Both React and Vue have a very good development environment where both apps and templates can be easily created.

Routing and State Management Scenarios:

Both React and Vue.js have different features that help mobile app development become more efficient. For eg., Vue is better for small tasks that makes it faster and more flexible for the user, while React is better for bigger tasks which is why it is preferred by many top developers.

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Comparison Based on Development & Community between ReactJS and Vue.Js:

Development: In terms of the learning curve, going with VueJS can be one of the best decisions you take in the event you require a simple tool for backend framework. But, ReactJS utilizes even the slightest of reflections and hence can be termed as more efficient among the two. 

Community: Community building is easy in both Vue and React. A huge portion of the vendor properties for both these are parts that have been upgraded by the current ones. 

In conclusion, both React and Vue provide robust developments and upgrades in terms of timing and future opportunities. If you need a framework that is structured, and has vast resources, then React is the best option for you, whereas if you are looking for a simple tool with promising prospects, then Vue is the way to go. 

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