Why Choose Magento for Ecommerce – Top 10 Reasons

With the advent of the internet and the increasing ease of access to latest technologies, shopping and retail experiences have evolved tremendously, so much so that businesses without an ecommerce presence are seen to be losing out on a large customer base. With the increase in ecommerce activities, there is a constant demand for new ecommerce ventures with a parallel requirement for developers who can provide custom ecommerce solutions. To cater to this evolution, Magento development is the most favoured by business owners.


Role of custom Magento development in the growth of ecommerce sites

There are several benefits of custom ecommerce development, a few of which are:


Open Source

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform, which is available entirely free of cost and provides features that afford flexible implementation for multiple scenarios. Due to the open-source code, it is easier for businesses to create customized solutions catering to their specific requirements. Moreover, the extensions offered are unique and can be invoked as and when users prefer them.


SEO Friendly

Search Engine Optimization is a crucial factor for any ecommerce site to thrive in the ever-evolving ecommerce segment. Magento provides advanced SEO solutions by optimizing product pages and descriptions by generating SEO friendly URLs and meta-implementation.


Faster Page Loading

A unique feature of Magento is swifter page loading even when customer hits and access rates are on an enormous scale. In today’s competitive ecosystem of ecommerce, page access is a crucial feature and heavily influences customer retention. It optimizes page load time and query processing time.


Multi-Website Options

Magento helps business owners host multiple websites on a single panel. Moreover, it also facilitates all the ecommerce websites to be managed in a single dashboard.


Easy Coding for Developers:  

Magento offers custom ecommerce development as it offers developers readymade options to update the website and add / remove products from the website, set new filters and provide quick links to the sub or main navigation pages with ease. It also offers help to manage the ecommerce sites if administrators / owners lack programming knowledge or expertise.



The ecommerce development offered by Magento is versatile as it handles a large volume of customers efficiently. It is available in three editions – Community Edition (open source), Enterprise Edition, and Magento Go (hosted solution). Magento Go is suitable for small businesses, whereas Magento Enterprise Edition is a perfect match for medium and large ecommerce stores.


User Friendly: 

Ecommerce development using Magento is very easy and it is very straightforward to add and update product information and other relevant content. Moreover, the easy navigation feature offered by Magento saves users a lot of time.


Made for Marketing: 

For a web-based platform to be complete, it should have a powerful marketing and promotion system. Magento’s Custom Ecommerce Development provides a massive array of useful tools to promote business and sales. These tools range from coupons, private sales, and catalogue pricing to multi-tier pricing that support and facilitate its users to buy more products and generate revenue. 

Moreover, it is easy to target customers based on their cart and purchase history by directing personalized and tailored content. Businesses can also display related products in the form of recommendations to enhance cross-selling and up-selling.


Massive Magento Community

Magento being an open-source platform, has a large and vibrant community of developers, bloggers, designers, etc., spread worldwide. The experience gathered by such a large community helps maintain the high standards and the overall development path of the platform. Periodic updates by the users and the community members also helps in the continuous evolution of the platform.


Secure Ecommerce Website: 

In the world of cyber-attacks and phishing intrusions, having a secure ecommerce website is a must. Data protection and integrity is an indispensable feature of any ecommerce website. Magento’s Custom Ecommerce Development ensures that the ecommerce websites are safe, secure, and has no unwanted data breaches. 

Magento’s unique feature of multi-level security permissions helps manage internal access effectively. It also comes with captcha and PCI data security to make it completely safe from cyber bots and attacks.


Final thoughts

Magento is a unique and fantastic custom ecommerce development platform that provides excellent features to its users. It is easy to use, light but powerful, and customizable as per the user’s needs. Businesses interested in custom Magento development to enhance their ecommerce sites can get in touch with Smart sight Innovations.

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