Why Ecommerce Store Owners Should Choose Magento Mobile Apps Compared To Other Frameworks?

Due to the availability of high-speed data, several startups in developing countries have chosen the ‘app-first’ business model. Brands can develop native apps, progressive web app, or opt for a responsive website. 

Statistics show that the number of buyers making purchases using mobile apps and browsers is increasing every month in developed as well as developing nations. People perform online research about the product, and immediately buy it using the same device. Thus, small and large eCommerce players cannot afford to ignore mobile devices. 

Mobile apps can also offer reliable data about customer habits so that they can be targeted with better suitable loyalty programs. This is where Magento apps come into the picture. 

Magento does not need an introduction; it happens to be the most trusted ecommerce platform around the globe. Several giants use the same, and perhaps, this is the reason 28 percent of the mobile eCommerce apps around the world run on the Magento framework. The popular platform also offers a mobile-friendly CMS, and of course, active community support for the same. As Magento is an open-source platform, it is more accountable and transparent than others due to the scrutiny that it faces at various levels. 

Developers recommend the same due to the user-friendliness and flexibility to tweak. These features help in making the website as well as the app completely individualistic.

Communities As Well As Professional Vendors Support  

Individuals with limited coding knowledge can manage to find answers to their concerns via support communities that are active and robust at all times. All thanks to the popularity the platform has managed to achieve in various countries around the world.  

Magento apps can be launched within 24 hours as they are almost ready to use. The platform is preferred by developers as well as individuals without designing and coding knowledge. However, when it comes to getting the best out of the platform’s optimization, scalability, and other factors, opting for eCommerce web development company can prove beneficial. 

Magento CMS works similarly and offers the same experience, efficiency on native as well as hybrid apps. It also helps in minimizing developing efforts. 


Impressive Themes And Extensions In The Open-source Version

In spite of being open-sourced, the extensions and themes offered by the platform are at par with those provided by premium plans selling rivals. These widgets make image and data handling easy along with other backend functions.

Magento 2 community edition (open source) remains free. But remember, Magento 2 enterprise and cloud edition’s pricing varies depending on the merchant’s revenue. However, there’s no need to worry, as any trustworthy Magento mobile app development company can help firms with customized solutions to suit the budget and needs. 

The backend system for administrators is simple, touch-friendly, and can be used for running multiple storefronts. Put simply; it’s a CMS that offers immense benefits and works perfectly on various platforms. 


Magento Web Version Users Would Feel At Home 

Rather than migrating to a new store and starting everything from scratch, business owners prefer to go with the framework that they already use. It makes the overall day-to-day operations easy. 

Developers have complete control over UI, design, and functionalities by editing CSS as well as HTML. 


Instant Purchase And Multiple Payment Options  

Magento eCommerce theme can be designed to offer an ‘instant purchase’ option on the item details page. Placing orders becomes easy, timesaving with this option.  

The customer skips the checkout process, and the eCommerce firm can make the best out of impulse buying habits of its customers.  

The most preferred product search option is available on the app, as well. Customers can use the product name, brand name, category, and other keywords for searching. The search feature works better and faster on Magento 2 platform. 

The digital cart is impressive and user-friendly. Buyers can use multiple payment options like cash-on-delivery, cards, net banking, digital wallets, etc. 


Multiple Language Options 

Studies have pointed out that stores that offer multiple languages and currencies options report better customer experience, and ultimately, better conversion rates.

Thanks to the multilingual support offered by Magento, businesses can provide multiple language options on their web and apps. Banners, images, and other content can be converted into the selected language. Presenting the store in a local language can help in attracting new customers quickly. 


Better Than The Earlier Version  

The platform’s improved indexers do speed up query performance compared to the earlier version. Developers are advised to keep the web page lighter so that the page performs better even when opened on devices with low bandwidth. Use GZip for compressing the eCommerce store’s web pages. Ensure that the product images remain compressed, as this reduces the page weight.


 App Gets Auto-updated 

The automatic synchronization ensures the updates made to the website using the backend module are also applied to the app data on a real-time basis. Most importantly, automation does not affect the display quality. There is no need to initiate code or manual synchronization. 


Admin Mobile App Extension 

Admin mobile app extension is considered ideal for Magento store owners and helps them in effortlessly managing the mobile app. 

Depending on the customers’ purchase frequency, administrators can handle catalog management using mobile CMS. Various operational tasks related to suppliers, manufacturers can be performed using a smartphone.  

The app also allows administrators to monitor sales activities, profits, overall revenue, and taxes collected. Plus, operations related to detailed reports for product inventory and sales can also be generated.  

Besides these, the Magento app allows eCommerce stores to run rewards programs for selected customers. Applications allow firms to send personalized alerts for deals, discounts, and other push notifications that can take the user directly on the app’s purchase page.

Reviews indicate Magento apps are popular due to their responsiveness, compatibility, and speed on various devices. Magento mobile app builder can turn your web store in a world-class app. 

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