Six IoT Applications That People Come Across In Everyday Life

The IoT, Internet of Things technology consists of networks made from smart devices that are connected with the help of the internet. These gadgets and even non-electric things laden with sensors are capable of reading, receiving, and sending data. 

From kitchen appliances, smartwatches, TV sets, virtual assistants, smart speakers to cars, and security cameras, there are multiple IoT powered intelligent gadgets out there. Several such devices have become a part of day-to-day life; let’s take a look at the details about six of them.

Efficiently Managed Smart Car Parking Facilities 

Efficient car parking facilities play a crucial role in resolving traffic management issues in urban cities. 

Parking spaces with IR and other sensors have eliminated the uncertainty faced by car drivers while searching for parking spots. Smart parking systems provide details for available slots at various parking spaces to the consumer. Users can book the parking lot for the desired timeframe using the smart parking place reservation app, and make an online payment for the charges. Motorists do not have to drive around for hours to find a vacant parking spot anymore. 

High cost and time can be saved due to automated payment, real-time monitoring, and the use of IoT powered sensors, vehicle detectors.

Smart Security Cameras And Alarm Systems 

These days, even the most basic IoT powered security cameras offer live feed to the property owners via smartphone apps. But, IoT and AI devices that use sound analysis and facial recognition are one step further. 

Advanced security systems use face recognition technology for differentiating between intruders and friends, family members. The system sends an alert to the owner and the alarm monitoring company if it detects an intruder in the house. 

The home security solutions use audio analysis to prevent a burglary from happening. Sounds created while breaking door lock, windows, and shattering pieces of glasses are classified as dangerous in the system. The intelligent home security solution also sends alerts to the homeowners if it detects hazardous sounds in the exterior of the house. 

The property owner can add biometrics and voice samples for trusted contacts like family members and friends in the system. The lens of the security cameras automatically turns off when it detects the owner’s phone or voice on the premises. 

IoT Solutions For Real-time Vehicle Monitoring And Predictive Maintenance 

The in-vehicle infotainment and guidance systems have become very common. Data analytics and dashboard reporting systems are attracting attention. 

Several electric vehicle makers use IoT in-vehicle systems and vehicle sensors for monitoring battery life, updating vehicle software, and installing security updates. 

Car companies also use data from sensors for monitoring vehicle speed, temperature, engine status, and functional metrics. The information is used for updating and alerting owners about vehicle health. 

Such preventive/predictive maintenance alerts ensure these crucial issues are addressed before they turn bigger. Monitoring the vehicle’s entire lifecycle also enables vehicle manufacturers to introduce improvements in the next batch of products and be more accountable.

Smart Coffee Machines

These advanced machines offer a lot of options besides allowing users to set the usual brewing temperature setting, sugar, coffee powder, and water percentage. 

Smart devices appear like those old-fashioned coffee makers. However, they are anything but old from the inside. Users can control them via IOS, Android apps, and even select the number of minutes for roasting and grinding coffee beans in the machine. 

Some of these smart coffee machines can be programmed to automatically place orders for coffee beans, milk powder capsules, or sugar containers on Amazon to avoid the last-minute rush. 

IoT Fire Fighting And Alerting System 

The consequences of fire accidents can be devastating for homes or commercial buildings. The usual fire-fighting systems and equipment in buildings consist of smoke detecting sensors, temperature and humidity sensors, water sprinklers, and fire alarm.

The old school equipment consisting of sensors and fire sprinklers are perhaps the world’s first set of smart devices. These solutions have been proving their relevance for several decades. Now, advanced IoT fire detecting and controlling systems take them one step further. 

Besides controlling sprinklers, alarms, and sending alerts to the building’s occupants, advanced IoT fire safety systems automatically connect with the nearby fire department. It passes on details like the exact point of origin for the fire, temperature, smoke value, as well as location details for nearby fire hydrants, water lines. 

Control The Temperature Inside Your House With Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats are perhaps one of the most common IoT gadgets used around the world. These thermostats automatically learn about the temperature preferences in each room of the house during the first seven days of installation. Later, it automatically sets the temperature for rooms based on the previous days’ pattern. 

Heating/cooling units are automatically turned off when the Smart thermostat does not sense any activity in the house. The smart device uses Wi-Fi to remain connected to the internet. 

Smart thermostats can be integrated to work with existing heating and cooling units. They can be controlled with the help of smartphone apps, and users can set the desired temperature inside the house before getting there. 

As per Energy Star, an average American spends around $900 on heating and cooling costs annually. A smart thermostat can surely help in controlling energy bills while ensuring comfort for the homeowner.

Smart Speakers

When it comes to the uses of the internet of things, technology, smart speakers, wearables, and smart kitchen appliances are the devices that come in everyone’s mind. Of course, the list of IoT examples in daily life cannot be complete without smart speakers that also work as virtual assistants. These voice command devices have reached several offices, bedrooms, and vehicles. 

Its impact is such that several websites and shopping portals are redesigning their sites to ensure they remain voice search-friendly. The voice search statistics suggest that the market for smart speakers is set to cross the $30 billion by 2024.

There are several other real-time applications of IoT. Are you searching for a firm that offers IoT app development services? If so, you should connect with engineers from Smart Sight Innovations and discuss your project.

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