Ways To Develop a Mobile App With Magento 2

Ways To Develop a Mobile App With Magento 2Summary – A useful software for online businesses and currently the largest e-commerce platform in the world, Magento 2 is a versatile and nimble platform. You can take your business home to everyone and drive more sales with a native Magento 2 mobile app. Its robust features are designed to work with iOS as well as Android. It’s the fastest way for you to enter e-commerce without the effort of a lengthy app creation process.


Magento improves e-commerce capabilities with every iteration. Choosing Magento app development has the following advantages:


  • Design the mobile interface

Keep in mind that your app design should be convenient and attractive. Magento provides many themes and design templates to create the interface for your app. With Magento App Builder, you can choose a theme and customize it as per your needs, and get a user-friendly application.

For example:

  • The Furnicom – Responsive Magento furniture theme for furniture & home decor
  • The Luxury – Premium fashion Magento theme that is multi-purpose 


There are some general factors to consider when selecting a Magento theme: 

  • User-friendly: Although having an attractive template appeals to users, just having an attractive template is not enough. It should also be user-friendly.
  • The right layout: Select a Magento theme based on your business purpose and model. For example, if you sell technology on your website, you should consider the standard layout. If you sell fashion apparel, you can choose a fancy template. Choose a Magento template that is in sync with the latest trends.
  • Customization: Look for the primary options and then the secondary options while customizing the Magento template. But make sure your Magento themes are essential and customizable on multiple options. Your Magento template should be flexible enough to be personalized according to the prevailing trends.
  • Compatible across all browsers: The Magento theme you choose should be compatible with all browsers to ensure that there is no compromise on the performance of the webpage. This is because different users visit the same website on different browsers.
  • Fast and responsive: The chosen Magento theme must be accessible and responsive on all devices to ensure optimum performance for the user irrespective of the screen size of the device.
  • SEO-friendliness: The Magento platform is an SEO-friendly CMS. You should decide on a template that is SEO-optimized. Your HTML or CSS coding should be ideal. Some Magento themes also provide built-in SEO functionality which makes your website more SEO-friendly.


  • Incorporate the essential features

Research, and decide which features are most important to your Magento mobile application before starting app development. The basics are search, the checkout process, social media integration, and notifications. Inventory management, promotion, reporting, sales tracking are optional. Make sure your mobile app builder provides what you need.

Some suggested features are: 

  • B2B selling: You can make company accounts for multiple buyers and configure custom catalogs for each customer. That way, buyers know the terms of the purchase. You can create order forms, requisition lists and credit payments to buyers’ accounts. This helps in repeat orders and brand loyalty.
  • PWA or Progressive Web Applications: Customers are now making purchases through their mobile phones. Magento’s PWAs help support mobile commerce. It is possible to create personalized images for the mobile screen. Perks of PWA include enabling custom PWA stores, responsive and mobile-friendly sites. 
  • Catalog control: Helps to add products within categories for quick navigation. Product images, types, features, price tags and videos are presented in a variety of sizes on multiple devices.
  • Inventory & orders: Get the latest tools for single or multiple stores. You can use it to manage product quantity and orders. You can also track in-stock products, manage orders  and process and match shipments. You can design the checkout process, billing, invoicing and shipments, pick-up locations and drop-off centers. 
  • Advertisements and promotions: You can add promotions to a target audience and add free shipping, email, newsletter, social media accounts to your store. Magento provides advanced search features that ensures users can quickly find relevant products.
  • A live chat: Every user prefers an app that helps them to chat. A real-time chat can provide instant customer support.
  • Push notifications: These help deliver important messages about discounts and other offers to your customers and positively impact sales volumes.


  • Install the app with API credentials

You can integrate your shopping app with API credentials (application programming interface) such as SOAP and REST APIs from Magento 2 for in-app purchases.

For users, API credentials help to protect their applications and avoid the risk of malicious and unauthorized access. APIs are protocols that allow interaction between applications. It can lead to data breaches if apps lack strong credentials to authorize access. 

APIs should preferably include the following safety features:

  • Name: This is the first credential given for primary use. For your partners or affiliates, you can add more names to use.
  • Auth Token – This allows access to private user data. You need to send an authenticated token along with the request. The app first sends the client ID and a secret word to get the token.
  • Key – If a request does not provide a token, it must offer an API key to identify the calling project and offer access and reports.
  • Status – This is the membership level that defines whether a member is active or inactive.
  • Actions – This allows you to edit or delete API credentials.


  • Publish the application to the app store or Google play

Submit your app to the App Stores and wait for it to be approved. This can usually take up to 7 days on the Google Play Store and up to 2 days on the Apple Store.

Once you meet all compliance requirements, you have a complete app. Present it to your customers so that they can download the app and use it to make their purchases of your products or services.

Connect with a Magento mobile app development company when you need to grow your business manifold and offer your customers the best shopping experience. Select experts who have in-depth knowledge of all types of mobile platforms and can deliver the mobile app you need.


Bottom Line

You can create a simple, friendly and attractive app without any coding skills.

But when you want a custom mobile app development with advanced features and functionality tailored to your business goals and needs, hire professional developers. The experts will explore all possible options and select the best one for you.

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